I recently came across an interesting article over on Gizmodo by Mario Aguilar in which he pleads with the masses not to ruin Instagram with crappy videos. It got me thinking about it and I think he brings up a valid point.


To quote a small bit from the post: “Video is a different medium than photography, and if we start taking videos on Instagram the way we have for YouTube, Snapchat, Vine, et al, our feeds will become polluted with crap. Because unlike those other services, there’s already something in place that we like a lot.”

I feel like this statement really hits home for me. It’s one thing to look at a single frame, or picture, of a sunset or that billionth picture of standard everyday food. It’s a totally different beast to sit and watch up to 15 seconds of those things. Mario goes on to talk about ways to improve the quality of your videos, “Don’t Broadcast, Curate” is the term he uses. It’s a good read, head on over to Gizmodo if you have not already and check it out.

My Thoughts

If you could not already tell from above, I think I agree with a lot of what Mario brings up. Pictures of stupid crap is a lot different than videos of stupid crap. So next time you whip out your phone and think about using that shiny new Video on Instagram feature just remember that not everyone wants to see that 15 second clip of the hotdog you are about to eat. Unless its goofy, as in you or an animal doing something funny, stick to the photos.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in a comment below!

[Via Gizmodo]