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An Open Letter to Canon by a (Soon-to-Be Former) Customer

By Carsten Krieger on February 1st 2014

Dear Canon,

You have been a market leader for decades and the choice for many professionals and amateurs alike. Over the years you were at the forefront of innovation in the photographic industry: The AE-1 was the first camera featuring a micro computer, the EOS RT was the first with a fixed semi transparent mirror and the EOS 5, the first SLR with eye controlled AF.

Even at the beginning of the digital revolution, you managed to stay on top of the game. The Canon 20D and especially the Canon 5D were milestones. Lately, however, I have been wondering on a regular basis what you are up to and where you see yourself in the future. Exciting products that would bring actual change and improvement to the way photographers like myself work have been few and far between.


Let’s talk about your cameras a bit more. Although you offer new bodies on a regular basis, the changes and upgrades are minor while the increase in price is often significant.  To me, it seems you are just doing enough to keep the cash coming in,  but don’t really care about the wishes and needs of us, your customers.

The Canon 5D Mark III is a nice example of what could have been. It is a very good all around camera, there is no doubt about that, but Magic Lantern has shown that the hardware of the camera would be able to do more than your own firmware allows.The ML firmware, among other features, increases the Canon 5D Mark III‘s dynamic range by 3 stops and allows RAW video. But you probably have heard about that already.

This makes me wonder what else and why you are holding back especially when your competitors don’t. The Nikon D800 has a high megapixel DSLR without low pass filter which makes it the perfect tool for landscape photographers. I had the chance to work with one for a day and the detail, clarity and dynamic range is astounding. In situations where my Canon 5D Mark III needed the help of graduated filters, the D800 captured shadow and highlight details all by itself. Sony’s new Sony A7R goes in the same direction and even at a bargain price. Don’t you think it’s time to step up your game a bit?


Your lenses tell a similar story. You have one of the most extensive range of SLR lenses including anything from the standard zoom to specialty glass. While some of the recent launches were groundbreaking, I am thinking especially about the Canon 17mm and Canon 24mm TS-E lenses, most of your new lenses left a sour taste in my mouth.

[REWIND: Canon’s 10 Oldest Lenses: Time for an Update?]

The Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II and Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II, upgrades that were long overdue, but came with astonishing price tags. What is however even more astonishing is the fact that the optical quality of these lenses is, according to most reviews, only slightly better than the older and much cheaper Canon 24-105mm f/4L and Canon 17-40mm f/4L.

The exorbitant prices of your new lenses start to look even more disturbing when Sigma launches one high quality lens after another. Both the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 more than match your L glass and cost less than $1000 while you would have to pay twice of that for comparable lenses from your lineup.

To make things worse some reviews show that even Rokinon/Samyang/Bower lenses live up to your professional line.

carstenkrieger2I understand that developing new products takes time and costs money. I don’t understand why you obviously don’t take the wishes of your paying customers on board. There are many professionals and amateurs out there who would like to see a high megapixel body without a low pass filter, even more would like to see an increase in dynamic range and lower high ISO and long exposure noise. In addition, an affordable price point would be nice. Other manufacturers have shown that it is possible to be innovative and produce high quality products with a decent price tag. Why not you, Canon?

Perhaps, it may be time for me to consider parting ways and looking for a company that understands my needs and is actively working to stay current in their product offerings.

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Carsten Krieger is a freelance photographer based in Ireland. He is covering a wide range of subjects including architecture/interior, portrait and food (and with a proper supply of of tea and chocolate he is able to shoot about anything), but his true love is landscape photography. He has published and contributed to a number of books on Ireland’s landscape, nature and heritage and has written for various print and online magazines.

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  1. Araniero Arrueira

    As of 2016, Carsten Krieger’s, wild dreams are somewhat satisfied: 5dsR and the 16-35 III (yes, 3) are reality. What’s not acceptable in my point of view is that Canon puts a Phase Detection autofocus with 65 cross-points on a 1400 $ prosumer camera and IF YOU DARE to use JUST AND ONLY the central point on unmoving objects, AF discrepancy and UNaccuracy are high as it was a consumer camera paid 350 $.
    And it was the same with the original 7D (here we also had the famous “soft image” and “high noise” plagues BUT this is another story).
    And above else having the Phase Detection AF of the 5D3 making wonders, this means that you, dear Canon, know how to do good pieces of hardware BUT you require us customers to pay 2600 $ for it.
    You know what? I (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this regard) just preferred to have a prosumer camera under 1000 $ with a mere 9 cross-points Phase Detection AF THAT PRODUCES SOLID AND REPEATABLE RESULTS and not the 7D mk II. And don’t talk me about the 6D: it’s pricey and there are still people complaining about it’s AF reliability. Were are all those fantastic AF units from the outdated 1D series gone? The 5D (MkIII, S, SR and MkIV) are sold at a price tag that is too high and just to state that THERE HAVE TO BE A DIFFERENCE in this class of products and above…
    At this point I have lost interest even in the 80D because it seems to be the classic prosumer boasting (leaflet) features made out in the market just to earn money to produce more advaced reliable BUT BLOODY EXPENSIVE professional products. Hey Canon, we as the prosumer customer faction… did you mistake us for cow or guinea-pigs?

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  2. Simon Newton

    If you are an experienced photographer I think you should know that you cannot compare the canon f4 glass with the f2.8, they are different animals and so far as to say the 24-70 f2.8ii is only slightly better than the 24-105 f4, is far from reality.

    The writer also goes on to talk about Majic lantern and other comparisons that are out of the box so i come to the conclusion that someone has sponsored the review.

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  3. Jeff Morrison

    thanks for sharing

    | |
  4. Simon

    I stoatally hagree with your sentiment: Canon seem to be dragging their heels after leading the pack for eeyons. and…yeah all the responsders have a point, and as to whining.. well that’s Canon’s fault for not staying at the top of the class – expectations and all that jazz.

    Fact of the matter is: landyscape photogs want large (10×8 type) quality forst and firmost, but they don’t want the hassle of a 10×8, so they’d settle for a MF camera, a Hassy or Phase one jobbie, but they cost and arm and both legs, which makes it hard to get about and justify.

    Thus Canon (and Nikon) are the nearest most Landenscapen photogs will ever get to their ideal cameratrons. Technology has been coming on leaps and bounds, and then….it stops ( pretty much with canon)

    It’s like coitus interruptus. Canon were almost there, the phlanderererscape photos were almost there, all we needed was a WA lens and Sensor that resolves gnats kneeecap hairs at 1000 paces and which has DR enough to not need to worry about noise under the gnats armpits, but we didnt get it with the 5D3 as we hoped.

    THAT is the let down. It is thad, It’th a dithapointment – but we bore with Canon because they are like family, not brothers or squisters perhaps nor heven huncles nor harnts, but cousins at least, and we have history. No one knows why but these things matter.

    Yes we DO want to split hairs at a thousand paces (we also want not to have to muck about with bracketing and ND filters but let’s keep this real), and further improved DR to get rid of the niggle of noise in the shadows when you expose to the right, which is THE bugbear enormousmousmostem, it needseth to at least equal the competition.

    The fact of the whassthematterum is that all things considered, it DOES feel like Canon is letting us down, we know they are capable but they’re not delivering, HOWEVER they did just announce the 16-35 f4, which should be part of the equation solved and if only they can stop procrastinating with the megawhoohah anti-alias-free sensor to go with it we’ll all be cock-a-hoop.

    Until then I is with Mr Whiney on this one

    | |
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  6. Ryan

    I shoot Nikon and I have nothing really against any brand of camera, but this does seem a bit silly to me. There are issues on every side weather Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Canon, etc that we wish were either fixed or different. They are all competing and all fall behind a little bit from time to time. Just like automobiles. There isn’t much we can do about that. If you understand it all from a business point of view they have to put in a lot of money to come out with something revolutionary. And who knows, maybe they are and just haven’t released it yet. Or maybe they want to stick truer to their roots. I have a Nikon d7000 and I have no reason to upgrade yet just because there is something new out there. There always will be.
    I found this to be a pain to read sorry.

    | |
  7. Neil Snape

    I read your letter and many of the comments. I am not rich, and the market is not improving for most of us. I struggled along with a 5DII which was a poor choice. The original 5D was lovely albeit a low pixel count. The MKII always found a way to screw up the chosen focus point giving me a lot of rejects. All of this was corrected and more in the MKIII which is almost transparent in use. Yet why was there a huge price increase for fixing what didn’t work before? Now on my 3rd one as the QA is poor, and a second no third, 24-105 L as the others fell apart from loving studio only shoots. BTW the 24-105 is a great lens for me. Bought a 100D for videos while skiing. Seems it cannot ever find focus on the hills, leaving me thin in the way of usable clips for the clients. Wanting a 50 mm better than the 1.8 I have, with no options. I’d like a great 85, again no options with Canon. I’d like a 24-70 but not at 2000€. I’d like a lot more DR like the Sony chips. Still struggling with the darks and blown highlights in sun.

    Thus I agree to then notion that others are leading, and Canon is not keeping up. I’m still hoping, but as each new release by Sony, Nikon come out, it has me wanting in Canon something equivalent, or better for a comparable price.

    | |
  8. Phill P

    To a point I can agree with the notion that Canon intentionally cripple their models so they can sell you the next one. For example only having 9 focus points on the 6D seems a bit silly. Most people after a full frame camera in this day and age would want a bit more flexibility than that. However, Nikon also release new features in small increments and so does every other manufacturer out there, so singling out Canon for this is a bit blinkered. None of which stopped anyone who knew what they were doing getting good shots with the 6D or any other model.

    I don’t play the Canon vs Nikon game. If you have a Canon or Nikon from the last few years you have a decent camera, it’s down to you to get the most out of it and work around its limitations. I use Canon, a friend of mine uses Nikon, we are both happy with the shots we take with them, so who gives a damn what the badge says. It’s just not important.

    I also feel that too many people just read the list of features then decide a camera is no good without ever using one and seeing for themselves what kind of shots they can take with it. Armchair experts, basically. Features for the sake of features that you never use anyway, or very rarely, are not worth arguing about.

    The 5D3 I have now feels as if they have taken a lot of the shortcomings of previous Canons I have owned, such as noisy ISO or hunting for focus in low light, addressed them and put them in one box for a change. None of which stopped me trying to get the most out of those previous models, and the 5D3 is a big step forward in quality, ease of use and flexibility for me, making the shots I like to take even easier than before.

    I love my 5D3. What it doesn’t have I don’t miss. Spot metering attached to a single focus point, for example, yes it is a useful feature but the lack of it on the 5D3 is not a big problem really. I don’t feel the need to upgrade to a 1DX for that feature and having humped around a 1Ds Mk II for 3 years I appreciate the reduction in weight.

    I also love the in camera lens correction, it works very well with my old 28-70 2.8L which was made in 1996. Where the lens was a little soft on my 1Ds Mk II, especially compared to my 70-200 2.8L, it is now much sharper and the difference between it and the 70-200 is virtually non existent. The 1Ds Mk II was and still is a great camera though, and served me well for three years. I still use it sometimes for landscapes as it has a higher diffraction index than the 5D3, although none of the landscape shots I have taken with the 5d3 are lacking in sharpness, colour or definition for me. Again, figures on paper don’t mean much compared to the results of real world use. I also do a lot of indoor work with flash, where the ability of the 1Ds Mk II and the 580ex to exchange colour information was excellent. The 5D3 has this as well, and I now use a 600ex-rt with it, with results that are stunning.

    Photography, like life, is about making the most of what you have and not worrying about what you don’t. The fact that the ability to take stunning professional shots has been put into the hands of everyone, if they are prepared to spend a little money and time to learn how to use them, is an achievement in itself and we should be congratulating Canon, Nikon and all the other manufacturers for doing so, instead of moaning about every little thing they are not doing. Yes it is frustrating when we want a feature in a camera and model after model gets released without it. But it is not the end of the world.

    We need to stop worrying about features, or lack of them, and get back to what photography is all about – experimenting, discovering and enjoying yourself. If spending thousands on equipment makes you miserable, why are you doing it?

    | |
  9. Kyle

    The title of this article is exactly the thought that has been banging around in my head lately. As mentioned in a lot of the comments, both Canon and Nikon are suffering from a bit of, pardon the pun, lack of focus when it comes to their DSLR lineups.

    I decided to dive in a little bit more with Canon since it is my current system and their lack of logical product direction has been particularly staggering lately. Shameless self promotion!

    | |
  10. Tim L

    I can’t believe all the hate this post is receiving. My own experience suggests that the author largely correct. (I’m not sure I agree with his point about lens quality—Canon has been putting out some killer lenses—but he seems right on about everything else.) I believe it is completely fair to judge Canon, or any other manufacturer, on the basis of its competitors. If everyone else is advancing the state of the art in a particular area while Canon is not, then it is appropriate to criticize. If smaller rivals can produce lenses of similar quality at half the price, then why not Canon? These are not inappropriate questions.

    Case in point:
    Anyone who deals photographing high contrast situations in natural light understands that Canon trails the industry in terms of capturing dynamic range. (Red shadows anyone?) They have done nothing to significantly advance the quality of the data coming off their sensors in years. Every “breakthrough” in sensor quality they tout seems to turn out to be some software trick to disguise the same limitations that their sensors have had since 2005. It would be easy to conclude that sensor quality is just mature and has reached the limits of what can be done…until you look at what Sony is doing. Every new generation of Sony EXMOR sensors significantly advances the state of the art. How is it that Sony can be improving image quality by leaps and bounds, seemingly defying the laws of physics, while Canon. the richest imaging company in the world, lets critical technology stagnate? Raising issues like this one are not nit-picking.

    | |
  11. Harry

    All you people whining about their equipment and it’s limitations should sell their cameras and take up acting instead. I’m pretty sure Ansel Adams didn’t sit around complaining about the tonal and dynamic limitations of monochrome film – instead he developed the zone system. So stop complaining and get creative – the equipment we have available to us right now, and its affordability, is just mind blowing!

    | |
  12. Joe

    The grass is always greener on the other side! But it’s still just grass on the other side!

    Take pictures with the gear in hand pro that you can afford, and MAKE them awesome. A good photographer will take great pictures with a good outdated gear!

    | |
    • Tim L

      You make a good point about mastering the gear you do have but it does not invalidate the author’s point that if Canon is capable of producing better gear then it should; and if Canon is incapable of competing in terms of technological prowess and price then it will slowly lose its market dominance.

      | |
  13. Terry Thomas Photos / Atlanta, Georgia USA

    Mr. Krieger,

    Just so you know, the Canon EOS RT was not the first with a fixed semi transparent mirror. Pellicle cameras from Canon and others go back as far as the ’60s. My friend in college owned one from Canon.

    Just thought you might like to know.

    Terry Thomas…
    the photographer

    | |
  14. Rocky

    Good luck. I’m sure the other companies will listen to you as well.

    | |
  15. Chris Giles

    As a Canon user and someone who has used the D800 I can safely say this guy is living in an alternative universe.

    Chris Giles

    | |
    • Tim L

      Chris, as a 5D3 owner and a D800 user I can tell you that I prefer the 5D3 in every way—except for the image quality coming off the sensor. The EXMOR sensor in the D800 is revolutionary. Perhaps your Canon’s IQ is good enough. But don’t dismiss the D800 like it is all hype. It’s image files are beyond anything Canon can offer at normal ISOs.

      | |
  16. Eben

    It’s always good for one to air his or her views. Frankly, it’s a bit shocking that some folks conclude in this “letter” being “childish”.
    Rather, we all ought to lookout for the essentials!
    I’m a die-hard Canon fan, and I’d especially like to see them work out this pricing “issue”, most specifically on their lenses. If Sigma, Tamron, Rokinon and the others can produce quality for less why can’t Canon flow suite!?? Branding should be no lee way for exorbitant rates or prices.
    Much more, Canon should not hold back on numerous opportunities to perk up their imaging technology and camera builds, citing the 5D Mark III, it’s so much restricted by Canon’s firmware!
    I agree; Canon needs to step up it’s game, and by miles I mean!

    | |
  17. Andy

    Has anyone of those who praise sigma so much ever owned a lens from sigma? If yes and you are happy then you are one of the lucky ones. Perpetual issues with soft focus and compatibility with future models is just one of the issues. Good luck if you decide to pay big bucks and have to buy a lens firmware update rig.

    | |
  18. Milan Hutera

    I’ll be back in a year to read your open letter to Nikon, how their 16-35 is junk and how do they dare to charge so much money for a lens with that corner performance. I’ll surely read about how 6000$ 200-400 has centering problems. I’ll gladly read about how your precious 70-200 VR suddenly becomes a 135mm lens at minimum focusing distance – you surely didn’t pay for that. And how about that 24 f1,4 from Nikon? How does it dare to score the same numbers as the Canon 24L?

    These articles are pointless and waste of time. Learn how to use your gear. If it doesn’t suit you, switch it and adopt the whole other set of issues. Nothing in life is perfect, but in photography, the source of most issues is looking through the viewfinder.

    | |
  19. Manish – wedding photographer Vancouver

    For me 5D Mk II + 24-105 gets most of my work done. Battery life is good, it has shot reliably in all weather conditions. It’s ergonomic. My 7d with 18-50 is backup which has never gotten used. For me it’s about ROI. Canon never failed me. Reliable work horse. I do feel they need to innovate to keep their market leader status in DSLR. They also need to build on their Mirror less series. In a nutshell I am happy with their product reliability. I do hope they spruce up their product innovation.

    | |
  20. Jason Mark Harris

    If I wasn’t so highly invested in canon I would consider moving to the sony a7. I also have the fuji xpro1 and love it, fuji need a full frame setup.

    | |
  21. Arby

    Everything is AMAZING — especially Canon cameras & lenses — and nobody’s happy. See Louis C K:

    | |
  22. Nic

    Change the name into Nikon, then the whining will be the same…

    | |
  23. Blair Wright

    We hear the same thing from the Nikon camp. Both companies have positives and negatives in their product lines. Even Hassy and Phase One with their prices have issues.

    Same story told a different way

    | |
  24. Anette Mossbacher

    In certain points I do agree in some others not. The Dynamic range in Canon bodies bugs me a lot as well. Keeping this “away” form Canon bodies, I do not understand either. The price tags make me mad as well, especially when you start to compare here or there.
    Actually Canon is more chasing people out of their camp with such actions. For sure the pushing away part has started with me already!
    Thanks so much for your great article, was a great read.

    | |
  25. IB

    Why does it matter what the brand name on your camera is? It is the images that matter in the end. If the tools you use don’t work the way you want, get new tools or learn to use them more effectively. After teaching, judging, critiquing and working as a photographer for about 30 years… i have yet to see a photograph where i could tell if it was shot with a nikon, canon, sony, fuji, whatever.

    If it is the company you don’t like… use another. Large companies don’t cater to the individual and never will. These companies will will make equipment that appeals to the most people so they can make money.

    In the end, only the photographs matter.

    | |
  26. TULIO

    Oh well, trying to squeeze the last dime instead of following what your customer wants worked great for Kodak.

    | |
  27. Zims

    Canon pricing is a bit of a drag… but if you look at the life in general, big name players always get the big bucks and it’s usually runner-ups who push the envelope instead… like Sigma and BlackMagic.

    When i look at the prices for primes and flashes… those are unrealistic. Is this and bad shadows a reason to dump everything? Probably not… as guys here have mentioned… nothing is perfect.

    Only thing that is perfect is Ilford film in my Pentacon Six mediumn format camera with 120mm Zeiss on it… an i am ok with that.

    | |
  28. KJ

    Dear Nikon…

    Dear Sony…

    Dear Hassy…

    etc etc etc

    | |
  29. CGL

    Great job, but do not be fooled, Nikon is NO better! The company you seek is called: Fujifilm. Now grant you, they do not have a full frame camera, and they do not offer 36 MP, but, and I know this first hand having shot and/or owned just about every high-end Canon lens and camera up to the 5D MKII, their lenses are every bit as good, if not better (and I lean towards the latter) than any Canon L-Series lens. And their X-Trans II sensor, even though its an APS-C, is superior to the 5D Mark II and would even give the MK III some competition. After selling all of my Canon gear, then all of my nikon gear, I switched to Fuji. When I compare the shot from my old MKII, I’m astounded that the files almost look “mushy” compared to the Fuji. I can’t tell you if it’s the lenses or the sensor–probably a combination of both, but it’s true. I’ve been shooting since the 80s, and have over 10,000 published photos–so I’ve seen a few files in my day. Good luck!

    | |
  30. Some guy

    I think people are becoming too busy chasing tech that they’ve forgotten the old & timeless wisdom on photography; talent makes an art piece not what’s in the bag, though of course this statement only applies to about 10% of photographers out there and the remaining bunch are in business for production rather than art (although they will attack you once you call them out) it seems to be a forgotten FACT. I am not proclaiming that I am better than anyone else but you don’t see me telling a brand whose successful record predates the second world war how to run their business.

    Don’t chase equipment and gadgetry, learn to be a better photographer and it won’t matter if your rig is obsolete or the newest and flashiest, you will produce astounding results regardless.

    Good luck nevertheless, I’m using a Canon 5D (no MK nothing) and I have nothing to complain about, if noise is an issue I’ve got the post-processing skills to adjust and repair, filters you complain about? then buy a point & shoot they come with all the built in toys you desire, if there aren’t enough megapixels in one shot I will compose a landscape from 4,6,8, hell even 12 stacks stitched together to produce a 30-100+ megapixel final image, where’s the nikon or canon that does that in one actuation better yet what camera on this planet is there that can give that kind of dynamic range? you want to produce a gallery worthy photo with a single shutter click and use minimal post processing and no filters expecting perfect tonality & dynamic range? you my friend need to find another hobby/profession.

    | |
  31. NancyP

    The true innovation in landscape photography is the Foveon sensor. The files coming out of a fixed lens compact camera (Sigma DP2M, DP3M) have astonishing acutance and subtle colors. OK, so you can’t shoot at high ISO. BFD for a landscape photographer who doesn’t want to do astro-landscapes with this camera. If Sigma puts out a DSLR with decent Live View and other features useful for landscape, they could have a pretty versatile system.

    Re: Canon. I am not so much into the MP war. I am pretty happy with my 60D and 6D for birds and everything else respectively. Sure the new 24-70 f/2.8L II is expensive. There are alternatives. It all depends on your shooting style and needs. If you are a pro and there is a definite need that one manufacturer can’t fill, it might make sense to switch. The rest of us are inclined to wait it out.

    | |
  32. Michael Steinbach

    You could rewrite the entire thing and just substitute Nikon. Issues: D800 focusing errors, SB900 overheating rather than fixe it they replaced with the 910, dust and oil on the D600 sensor, replaced with the D610. NPS customer service is a oxymoron. Neither is perfect.

    | |
  33. Scott Kelby

    err..i just moved to Canon because I love the dial thingy :(

    | |
  34. Dean

    So many disgruntled Canon and Nikon owners so why don’t we all meet halfway over at Fuji?
    As a D300s owner I would rather buy a Canon 5d than any of the Nikon FF offerings but let’s face it for me photography is just a hobby so maybe a new Fuji will do me fine.

    if as has been stated that the hardware is far more capable than the firmware will allow I wonder why some enterprising geek hasn’t come up with a hack that can ofer better performance?

    | |
    • dyna

      I agree with the sentiment but I prefer Sony’s hardware for my purposes. Fuji got the nostalgia card nailed but their interface is non-intuitive on its best day. Sony’s GUI is grounded in years of consumer electronics and their customization levels lead it to be the best system I’ve used in some time. 9 buttons on my A7r no longer do what factory default told them to. It’s my camera now and the customization allows me to work at whatever speed I need without taking my eye off the frame. Priceless. Regardless, I agree: Canon, Nikon, lost in honors of accomplishments past. It’s time for new blood. Fuji, Sony, whomever… it’s their time.

      | |
  35. La Vida Leica

    We thought the same way – and ending up going Leica.


    | |
  36. Jordan

    The body you want it coming; just make it work until then. Millions have done it before you; you’ll make it.

    All things considered, the 5D3 and 1Dx are the most incredible cameras out there for almost every use. If you can’t hack it with one of those bodies… Then you might want to reconsider your interest.

    | |
  37. Marko

    This is how marketing works. Market leaders have one strategy, and market followers have to innovate with their products at lower price point. You can see same case with iPhone. When released it was the game changer, and now every new generation brings less innovation. When Canon or Nikon becomes market follower, they will change their strategy. Same thing with Olympus. Their 4/3 standard couldn’t keep up with full-frame revolution. Their lack of innovation in 4/3 system made me to switch to Canon. I don’t bother with technology. If someone makes better system, I will switch once again. In meantime, I’m just taking photos.

    | |
  38. Ed HUbert

    Is he really complaining about a company that actually provides him the ability to take all the pictures on his web page? He wrote books using the same camera he is complaining about and all for what, because you can not tell what camera took any one of those pictures. Is he really complaining about a dynamic range issue of three stops? You can do that yourself with a little effort and nothing extra is needed, absolutely nothing. And please tell me what world famous photographer actually cares about HDR anyway. There is a person in Ireland that can get four stops of range from one picture is shot properly and with Photoshop actions that will look truer to life than any HDR picture you want! Now for the limitations issue, what company around would give you no limitations on anything out there? Think about it do want anybody to give you everything they can in a camera or anything else? If they do that then they have one camera model, input any company here, and what if the people who could not afford it then they lose customers not gain! So does he offer his services for cheaper or does he stick to his price for his services, even if they are overpriced?

    | |
  39. DT

    Looks like a massive spam post with a lot of Affiliate Links on the lens names…

    | |
  40. Ricky L Jones

    Meh, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    | |
  41. Sashi Thacholi

    Yes! It’s a fact! It’s time Ganon should think about their marketing strategy! One cannot afford to have all their lenses, hence we go for other lenses!

    | |
  42. Mr. Snooze

    You’re all a bunch of opinionated whiners.

    | |
  43. YoYoMa

    I don’t use Canon but I have been hearing complaints that image quality on the more lower end DSLRs sucks. I am a Nikon user but not loyal. I just use Nikon because that is what I have. But I don’t think everything Nikon does is so great. For me Nikon only has about 2 cameras I would purchase and Canon has only 2 cameras I would purchase. I kinda put them at a tie. Those cameras I would buy would be the Nikon 1 AW1, Nikon D800, Canon 70D, and the Canon 5D Mark III. I hope to one day have 3 out of the 4 of these options.

    | |
  44. JT

    They set their prices artificially high it would be difficult to lower them now without upsetting existing customers. They realize that people stick with one brand or another after investing a lot of money, I think it is the perception of quality. People attach value to what they spend on something, they definitely need to change their game because they being overtaken simply standing still. My personal preference (and it is not really a preference because there are plenty of tests) Nikon (sony) produce better sensors price compared, and Sigma are releasing better glass price compared, so why even bother with Canon all together? I think my 5D2 will soon become my secondary body when I make the switch, they simply aren’t offering what people want/need, and the prices are extortionate. Expect them to sneak out of the 35mm room into the MF realm where they can be the ‘consumer medium format’ brand – until Nikon show up, then I am willing to bet that won’t last long. They simply aren’t putting out in terms of low-light IQ and DR -vs- their Nikon equivalents, such a shame when you have all that money invested in lenses etc.

    | |
  45. R Menke

    more pixels and dynamic range = ccd chip (medium format)
    less noise at high iso = bigger and less pixels on a cmos (1dx)

    Read more about chip design. Do not buy a Nikon d800 with the anti alias filter.
    Be patient and keep an eye on canonrumors.
    It is coming.

    | |
    • Barbu

      Money are from CANON ?!

      | |
    • dyna

      Dude the A7r beat Canon to it already. And that is a first gen sensor. Sony is reopening the new pixel phenomenon and everyone is going to benefit.

      | |
  46. duncan

    having shot nikon canon and kodak dslrs i have to agree on this as for how camera tech has increased the kodak i shot with was a kodak dcs pro14n it is now 15-16years old it was a 13.9mp full frame with no anti ailiasing/low pass filter and had a native iso of 50 and a low iso down to 5 iso it could however only really shoot at 50-100iso any higher it would get quite bad on the noise front however this camera came out 10 years before canon or nikon made a full frome with over 10mp and even when compared to a 5d2 a couple of years ago by both myself and another photographer we found that in well lit situations it still produced better quality images than the 5d2 yes its autofocus is not fast its screen is tiny its not user friendly however its colours are perfect its range is higher it was a 13-14 year old camera by that point and well used up against a month old 5d2 the kodak used nikon f mount lenses now the 5d2 was all round a better camera but how is it possible that a 13 year old camera can still outperform it on basic things like sharpness colour and dynamic range the three things you need more than anything in a camera it took another year for nikon to catch on and build a camera with no low pass filter however they jammed too many pixels in there a 20mp full frame with no low pass and a native iso of 50 with the likes of the d800 ergonomics with the 5d3 high iso range and a decent frame rate now that would be a camera worth buying as long as it took decent glass that is

    | |
  47. Ben McPhee

    The letter is pretty spot on for me. The 5Dmk 3 was a “nice” upgrade over the mk2 (I own 2 mk 2’s), with it’s improved focus, better iso, extra megapixel (ONE extra… hardly amazing), and higher frame rate. But it also came in at something like $1000 more expensive, and paled in comparison to the D800. NOT worth the upgrade.

    I am committed to Canon. My glass is all Canon, and I’m not about to throw it out and start over. But is it too much to ask that the 5Dmk4 is 30mp? Not to mention the 1DX… I mean. that thing is my dream camera, other than having had it’s MP REDUCED by 3mp from the 1Ds3. Come on. If it’s MP or Frame rate, please split the line again and give us 2 options. A 36+MP 1Ds, and a 22MP FF 12fps 1D sports model. Or, if possible, give us your combined vision, with a 26+ mp FF 12fps camera, and 4K video (Don’t charge $10K extra for 4K on your 1Dc. Sony has a $2000, 4K handy cam. You pioneered this shit in DSLR. Don’t undo it all now.)

    | |
    • Graham Marley

      The 5D3 was absolutely worth the upgrade. Not since my old 5D mki have I thought “Man, I need bigger files.” It’s all been “I need this camera to focus faster and more reliably by a significant factor.” And that’s just the start. After about a month of using my mk3, I realized how much I truly hated shooting with the mk2.

      | |
  48. wjp

    Several comments here seem to misunderstand Magic Lantern. It would be unlikely that ML would brick a Canon camera. The reason for that is that the ML “firmware” doesn’t actually get flashed to the camera. It operates from your memory card. If I understand it correctly, it acts as a boot loader. When the camera sees that a firmware is available on the memory card, it ignores (as opposed to overwriting) the firmware on the camera itself. As with any third party modification, there is a risk that you could damage your hardware. However, with ML that risk is minimized by overriding the OEM firmware instead of overwriting it.

    Secondly, while ML does offer some hardware “overclocking”; there are some tweaks that ML offers that have absolutely nothing to do with extended dynamic range or enabling HD video on a camera that does not offer that through the OEM firmware. Specifically, ML offers alternate framing overlays for use in live view mode. ML also has features for intervolometers for time lapses and more control over HDR so that the photographer can have more precise control over the exposure bracketing and the number of exposures per HDR sequence.

    While the full HD video and the ISO performance boosting of ML get all of the press, there is much more to it than that and the other features present nearly zero risk to your hardware. If you need to send your camera body back to Canon to have the firmware re-flashed because you were using ML, you’re doing it wrong.

    | |
  49. Vladimir Ladev

    Why are you mad about stuff like that, you demand faster and cheaper development of technology. There is something that is common for every technology period, LIMITATIONS.
    20 years back people laughed at the tought that you can fit a computer in an apartment or under a desk in the near future. There were limitations, and overcoming them made progress.
    In the mean time all of you, don’t wine about how you got only 24 mpx and competator has 36 mpx and you give the whole brand a death sentance. What is a company to do betwean tech andvances, to not sell cameras, to sell only one model untill they revolutionise photography again. Work with what you got, overgrow it and then move on to the current new thing. What is the deal with wanting to buy the very next camera.

    | |
  50. Brian

    First of all, I’m not a professional photographer nor do I claim to be a camera hardware expert; but I do make my living in IT, and your point about magic lantern remind me a lot of the overclocking debate.

    When you overclock your processor, you gain a little speed, but you void your warranty and cut the life of your processor in half (no matter what anyone says). Yes… the manufacturers do not use the full capability of the hardware… they do that on purpose. Not because they make more money because of it, but because it makes their product reliable. While I am not a camera hardware expert, I can only imagine that magic lantern does the same thing to cannon hardware. I have a mid level cannon DSLR, and it has never failed me. I would love to get better performance out of it, but I will never load a third party firmware onto it.

    | |
  51. Zach Wong

    “Perhaps, it may be time for me to consider parting ways and looking for a company that understands my needs and is actively working to stay current in their product offerings”

    And… what camera company, in fact, what large company in general are you thinking of when you say this?

    As much as you want them to, large companies aren’t 100% sensitive to what consumers want. You only find that in SOME small, well-run companies.

    Stop whining and go take some pictures.

    | |
  52. J.D.

    Agreed! I’ve been due for an upgrade since I bought my 7D in 2009. I’ve been with Canon’s system since the 20D and have many lenses, but even more older MF Nikon lenses due to inheriting a large collection of Nikon F2 series equipment. I (like others) are trying to stay competitive in the market and the D800 just blows everything Canon currently has out now. the 6D is nice, but not a substantial enough upgrade over the 7D to justify. Really hoping something comes out soon or else I need to make a “sound business decision”…

    | |
  53. bruce

    You’ve obviously not been to a US National Park recently. Every damn tourist that steps off a bus has a 5DIII or 1DX and at least 3-4 L lenses packed in.

    I dont think Canon is hurting at the moment. What reason do they have to change?

    | |
  54. JC

    You all are so funny. It all boils down to preference. No need to stab at Canon or Nikon. I went with Nikon simply because I’m used to them. Doesn’t mean I wanna sh*t on Canon. My friend uses a Canon and loves it. I do think however, that both companies need to be steadily improving their gear at affordable costs to the consumer.

    Cheers everyone. Hope you all come to a reasonable consensus.

    | |
  55. alberto arenas

    En verdad este articulo tiene mucha razon.. canon cada dia hace que el amor que le tenemos a la marca nos sangre el bolsillo

    | |
  56. Amanda Hunter

    While I am glad to know that there is a range of problems with Canon, I would also like to say that this “letter” sounds more like whining to me also. Please just be glad you actually HAVE a camera to work with. Not everyone is so fortunate. I have been shooting with a point and shoot Nikon for the last 6 months. I’m definitely not getting any work with it, but money wise I can’t afford anything else. So, be grateful for what you do have. Other photographers are envious of you and wish we could be out doing what we love. And it’s sad to see a “pro” whining about price points and the range of products available. smh

    | |
  57. Peter Duke

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. I’m sure Canon will be fine without you. The funny thing is about that Magic Lantern thing, if Canon never released the SDK to developers to allow them to hack their cameras, Magic Lantern would not exist. No one forces you buy Canon, so get over yourself, no one owes you the photographic experience of your dreams… The world doesn’t owe you a Guinness.

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “Canon is the worst camera company… except for all of the others…”

    | |
  58. Brian

    “To make things worse some reviews show that even Rokinon/Samyang/Bower lenses live up to your professional line.”

    Oh, so we’re all about sitting at home on our computers reading reviews rather than actually using the gear we have?
    If that’s the case I don’t know if I want to work in this industry anymore.

    | |
    • Brad Grove

      Henri… fabulously intelligent contribution to the topic.

      Brian… so you would rather be posting something here with no meaning than being out using the gear you have?

      | |
  59. Henri

    Oh I figured it out.
    The Author is Irish. He was probably piss-drunk and generally angry. Didn’t know how to express himself so he looked over at his 5D whilst sat at the computer and started typing up this piece of work.

    But my god, calm down man. You make the lack of Canon glass sound like the potato famine!

    | |
  60. Noah

    No one can look at any particular print and say whether or was shot with a Canon or Nikon. They can, however, look at a print (say, a 240cm x 120cm) and say whether it was shot with 35mm or medium / large format. At this point in time, 35mm CMOS sensors are already very close to the physical limits of signal to noise ratio, i.e. noise & dynamic range performance aren’t going to ever be dramatically better than they are now (due to the laws of physics). The difference between the 5D3 and the D800 is a funny joke compared to the difference between a D800 and a Hasselblad, Phase One, or a large format camera. Canon will release something that poops on the D800… eventually. Until then if you’re gonna dream, why not dream big? Phase One just released a new back that makes the D800 look like an iPhone in terms of IQ.

    | |
    • Bogan Brouhaha

      Much like this comment – Noah, you have contributed with an utterly pointless rant.

      | |
  61. Peter

    These opinions are such a product of the modern age. We’re in an era where product lines seem to refresh every year, so it baffles people why our Glass and Cameras can’t do that too.
    Well, glass and magnesium bodied semi-conducter filled DSLRs have a different cycle of use than all our other gadgets that become outdated every 6-12 months.
    I think there’s a great ecosystem overall of Camera companies and third party lens manufacturers innovating and competing. For example Sigma is innovating greatly when it comes to glass, and thankfully they offer lenses in all mounts. Also, according to Canon Rumors 2014 will be “the year of the lens” so I’d like to wait and see.
    At the end of the day, weigh your options and choose the camera system right for you. I’m gonna stick with Canon cameras because I’m happy with their products. Pros switch every once in a while on both ends (ex: Scott Kelby just switched from Nikon to Canon) If you want to go Nikon and can financially justify selling your Canon gear at a loss and repurchasing Nikon Cams and Glass, go for it!

    | |
  62. Terry Clark

    Figured this out a few years ago and got out. Six bodies and 22 lenses. The final straw was when CPS told me my 200 2.8 could not be repaired because it was “too old”, even though it was the current model they still have in their line. Oh, and all it needed was a small pin to keep it properly attached to the body. They “suggested” purchasing a new lens.

    I switched to Nikon. The D700 was a step down the megapixel chain from the 5D MK2 but it focused properly in low light. Sharp images were a big plus to satisfying clients. When the D800 came out I was all over it. Until I started shooting jobs with it and quickly realized it created files too big for most purposes. When you shoot thousands of images your workflow turns into a work slow. But I had sharp images so I was happy.

    The 25 megapixel D600 came out but it had problems. Big old dusty problems. So I waited. And waited. Talked face to face with a Nikon Pro Service rep and asked point blank “are the dust problems gone?” He guaranteed they were. So I bought one. A week later Nikon discontinued the camera. You guessed it, the NPS guy lied thru his teeth, the sensor was still a dusty mess.

    On a whim I bought a Fuji XE-1. And the angels sang. This camera focuses perfectly. The lenses are razor sharp. The colors are amazing straight out of camera. And it cost less than $1,000. Sure, the EVF takes some getting use to and sure, I wouldn’t suggest you try to shoot sports with it. But I don’t shoot sports. I photograph people more or less standing still. Oh, and it weighs next to nothing. Now, for the first time since the film days I can work all day long with two cameras (I since bought an XE-2) and five lenses out of a small shoulder bag and not feel like I need medical attention for my back. It’s a new world and I love it. I still have my Nikons but they aren’t getting much (any) use these days. How are clients accepting the slightly smaller files? They’re overjoyed. Most couldn’t handle thousands of files from my D800 either. At the end of the day it’s a no brainer — The Fuji system makes me happy and the results make my clients happy.

    Bye bye DSLR, it was almost nice knowing you.

    | |
  63. Brad Grove

    Mixed feelings here… some of the detractors have made valid points about the laws of optics and the general quality of equipment these days being better than it has ever been (I hope so, we wouldn’t want to be going backwards, would we?). However, the feelings expressed by the original author are getting quite close to my own frustrations with Canon.

    I can’t say that I will be leaving them soon and going to another brand, as that would be like jumping ship because you have a pinhole in one of your sails. That said, there have been numerous occasions when I feel like I have been totally screwed over by the big “C”. When you pay thousands of dollars for “L” series lens and the hood does not even fit correctly or when you wait for years for that upgraded body (5D MKIII) only to find that you, as one of the first, now own a unit with such an embarrassing fault it is laughable. When you send a lens away to Canon for repair and they charge you an arm and a leg only to find that it was returned to you with another fault (which they deny causing) which they will charge you again to fix… meaning that the total cost of repairs is now higher than the ridiculous price you paid for the lens in the first place… well, you can see where I am going with this.

    At the end of the day, Canon seems to be perfecting the art of pissing people off. That is not sustainable in business so get your act together because I am still holding on in hope that things improve.

    | |
  64. Paul Smyth

    More mega pixels the slower the camera, my mate has a D800 and tried shooting sport, my 7D shit all over it, accompanied by the 70-200 usm is l series I get great images published in magazines around the world! Yes a good craftsmen doesn’t blame his tools! So if you want to leave Canon then go ahead! Your loss!

    | |
    • duncan

      really did you just compare a d800 with a 7d are you stupid the d7100 is nikon equivalent to the 7d and beats the 7d on almost every front its like comparing a nikon d7100 with a canon 5d3 for sports the 7100 would hammer the 5d3 unless you go full pro d4/1dx then a crop will always outperform a full frame in sports d800 was never meant to do sports and if your mate bought one to shoot sports he’s even more stupid than you

      | |
  65. Phil

    Yeah some of the updates have been somewhat underwhelming…I was all ready to upgrade my 5dii and shell out for the 5diii til I saw the specs, and after waiting so long for a new 24-70 2.8, releasing one so expensive with only minor performance improvement and no IS, it seemed as if they were just cashing in.

    So I vote with my wallet. I took the money I had set aside for the mk iii and bought a Rolleiflex 2.8F. I’ll wait til they release the mk iv, or til my mk ii packs it in and I’m forced to make a decision.

    | |
  66. Peter

    Hilarious to hear the fanboys get all defensive on here, without addressing some of the issues the original poster is making. You say this guy is ‘whiney’ but from your childish reactions I think it’s you who are whining. The fact is, Canon ARE deliberately limiting some of the features that they could easily implement on their cameras, and for no other reason than profit. They’re also charging more and more for each new iteration of the same camera. I love my 5D Mk III, but it cost hundreds of dollars more than what the Mk II cost, with no real big increase in quality. With the Sony Alpha 7 clipping at these older companies, Canon will have to do something to stop people like this OP from jumping ship, that’s just a fact, you can deny it all you want.

    | |
    • Marty

      Are you dense? How is limiting a feature on hardware that is already there “For profit”. Wouldn’t it help them sell MORE cameras for it to have a wider range of features?

      Canon doesn’t give a shit if this customer jumps ship. He will be replaced by someone else.

      The OP is an idiot. Don’t like the product, don’t buy it. Nobody wants to hear your complaints about stupid nonsense. If the camera was BROKEN, he would have a point… but its not. Nobody forced him to buy what he bought, and he knew which features it had when he did.

      He is a whiner. If they implemented all of the features he asked for, he would just find something else to bitch and moan about like “They don’t offer it in a blue housing, and blue is my favorite color so I am gonna stop buying from them.”

      The entitlement in this world these days is mind blowing.

      | |
    • Zarli Win

      The Mk3 didn’t have that much of an increase in quality? If you measure quality ONLY by MP, then yes you are right. But the new AF system was an epic improvement… and that was the biggest flaw of the Mk2. The MP of the Mk2 was pretty good… so why focus on making that more when there were other glaring holes they could improve on?

      And if you look at the best response to the OP.. it was from a Nikon shooter.

      | |
  67. Quentin Décaillet

    It sounds to me like a medium format camera would be the answer to this article write. Better glass, more pixels, lower ISO and more dynamic range.

    Every camera has its flaws and its qualities. Surely Nikon has a high megapixel camera. Now go talk with some wedding photographer that shoot Nikon. Trust me, some are really angry that there’s no real alternative to the D700. The D600 has a crappy AF, the D800 has files that huge (which are quite useless for 95% of the wedding photographers out there) and the D4 is quite expensive. The 5DIII is perfect for a wedding photographer on the other hand.

    Try not to forget you are not alone. Those big brands surely have done their researches before putting cameras on the market… Because you and your friends think more pixels would be better, one lens is too expensive, doesn’t mean it’s true for everybody or the majority. Want a proof? I know photographers that have changed from Nikon to Canon when the D800 and 5DIII were launched… and they told me a story very similar to yours about Nikon but with different arguments.
    Instead of whining about a company, go find the camera that you like best and shoot with it. When you bought your Canon, no one told you you had to buy this brand for life…

    | |
  68. Barbara

    I myself love my canon camera’s and lens. Canon has never let me down. Just because the grass looks green doesn’t mean it is. I know 3 people whom purchased nikon cameras and all 3 wish they would have listened to me about buying a canon.

    | |
  69. Gavin Hardcastle

    Bravo Carston,

    You’ve voiced the exact opinions of many a Canon user. Alas, too late for I. Sony is now my master.

    | |
  70. Flyinlow007

    I have been shooting Canon cameras for over 30 years, starting with a Canon FTb, then an AE1, A1 and an F1. I shot the F1 and AE1 up until 2003 when the digital rebel was introduced. The AE1, A1 and F1 meters are still as accurate as my current 5D mkIII. I never went to the film EOS cameras as I didn’t feel they offered me anything over my cameras except autofocus. I had a bunch of film cameras at one time (the entire Canon F series and A series) as I bought them for a song when digital came along. I sold all of them to fund new equipment except for my original AE1, A1, F1 and a couple of rare ones, the Pellix and a Canon EF (the predecessor to the AE1).

    The only thing I would agree with is on the pricing of their lenses. I feel that some of their lenses (the 24-70II) are overpriced, but thats where Tamron and Sigma come in. I just ordered the new Tamron 150-600mm lens and by all accounts its almost as good as what Canon offers in the 400 fixed or the 100-400 zoom, for alot less money ($1069). Personally I welcome the challenge that Sigma and Tamron are bringing to Canon and Nikon. It will force them to look at what they make and how they price it.

    | |
  71. Mo Gelber

    I agree with his open letter to canon. He makes a few valid points. Canon has the technology but purposely cripples the features of some bodies in order to make the user want to buy the more expensive model. Case in point : the 6d.

    The new sigma lenses kick butt and are $1,000 cheaper than canon lenses. I challenge anyone to try the siggy 35 f1.4 , one of the best lenses I have ever used.

    I have been struggling with the 5d mark 2. Almost 90 percent of my photos are soft focused. I have to spend hours editing photos and trying to make something out of a soft photo.

    How dare canon sell the 24-105 f4L lens for over $1,000 and even have the nerve to call it an “L” . The lens does not belong on a camera.It would do a better job as a severe tire damage inflictor at a parking lot entrance. It should come with a warning label “this lens takes soft out of focus photos with noisy shadow detail at iso 100” (dont even try the ‘zoom lenses are softer compared to prime lenses’ bullcrap with me, I have the 70-200 f4 and it is sharp at every focal length and aperture)

    I send my camera and lenses into canon. They come back and work great for a few days and then start misfiring again.

    for $5,000 of camera and lens, I deserve to have consistently sharp photos. The one out of ten times my camera gets it right I must admit the photos are beautiful and the colors that canons produce are fantastic. But my canon is too much of a liability.

    I have a big investment in canon glass. I was saving to buy a 5d3 hoping their more advanced autofocus system will correct any problems I am having with the 5d2.

    Then I borrowed a friends nikon d800 with a tamron 24-70 lens. Every photo was tack sharp. The shadow detail was amazing. The d800 is $700 cheaper than the 5d3.

    I dont care if I lose money dumping my canon lenses (and I pity the person who buys them from me)

    I deserve to have consistently sharp photos straight out of camera. I am switching to nikon. Thank you and have a nice day. The only way I will stay with canon is if canon takes my 5d2 and sends me a free 5d3 in return. And if that 5d3 doesnt get sharp in focus shots 9 out of 10 times, I will dump it for the nikon d800

    | |
    • thgh

      interesting, i get 9 sharp shots out of 10 from my 550D + 18-135mm kit lens, which costs only a fraction of price compared to yours. is it really the problem of gear? or the user perhaps?

      | |
    • dyna


      As someone who sold Canon Rebels for years my guess is that you’ve yet to put a serious piece of high end optics on the front of that 550 yet. When you do, you will cease to call your 18-135 “sharp” and instead call it “good enough for now.” Because none of Canon’s 18-135 lenses are all that and their 18-200 is a bona fide piece of plastic. However their 15-85 was indeed a pleasant surprise.

      | |
  72. Nicu

    Just some whining here, I see no serious point made. Comparing the 16-35 II with sigma’s 18-35 is idiotic, the sigma is for cropped sensor cameras, not full frame, like the 16-35. Or comparing the 24-70II and 16-35II with the 17-40L or 24-105 f/4 .. Apples and oranges. I agree that the 16-35 II doesn’t fare well, it could not match his archrival from Nikon, the 14-24. I also agree about the very steep pricing. But it’s Canon, they can get away with that, it seems.

    I am a nikonian, shooting a D700 which got old. I was looking for a replacement and I saw Nikon abandoned us, the pros that don’t want to pay an absurd premium to get the D4. So, naturally, I became very interested with Canon cameras and lenses, tested alot of them. My initial intention was to get the 5Dmk3 sometimes in the future, it seemed like a natural D700 replacement (I shoot weddings and events, the D800 is not suited for that, I shoot 2500+ images on a day and I can’t justify a new computer and tons of storage, I’m sorry but it’s pointless. And the Df is a joke).

    So, with high hopes and already loving the 5Dmk2, except it’s AF, I went and tryed the 5Dmk3 with the 70-200 2.8IS on it. The grip was better thatn the mk2 but they intentionally made it less user friendly by putting the jog wheel from the 6D, and front wheel as well. They basically feel like plastic thingys from a toy, much less precise and well built than those on the mk2. I could not live with that plasticness on a daily basis. Also, the shutter sound sounds disconcerning, it seems like the mirror is going to fall off, even the 6D is more refined.
    All of these said things are a step back from the 5Dmk2, while the mk3 is 500 dollars more expensive .. Why ? To push the pros to get the 1Dx … Too bad for the rest of the build, the grip is fantastic, the body feels great, but they intentionally crippled on key feature quality intentionally, which is a di*k move.
    The sigma 85 is a killer and Canon still dwindles with the slow and heavy 85 1.2 .. The 50 1.4 canon is sh*t, the 135 L badly needs an update because in flare situations is easily the worst lens I have ever shot, completely losing contrast. The 16-35II has problems in the corners, reliability issues.

    These are the real problems canon have, as far as I am concerned. So I will keep shooting Nikon, I will maybe save up for a D3/D3s, even though I would have loved a brand new 5Dmk3.

    | |
    • Kris

      Shooting the D4 was the first time since owning a F5 that I forgot that I was using a camera….. the technical specs could have not been further from my mind… the results were stunning, shooting older Nikon lenses, newer Nikon lenses and Zeiss lenses and lighting the shot beautifully….. this is what I call a breeze….. I pity this guy with all his Canon gear……

      | |
    • dyna

      Interestingly the Sony system provides an 85mm Zeiss and 135mm Zeiss, a class leading 24-70 and 16-35, both also Zeiss… these lenses alone would have answered your questions along eith the versatility provided by the Sony A99v… I wonder why people continue to limit themselves to just two companies.

      | |
  73. Flyinlow007

    Correction on your Canon firsts. The Canon Pellix (I have one) had a fixed semi transparent mirror and was introduced in the mix sixties with thru the lens metering.

    | |
  74. Lisa

    If you don’t want your gear anymore and you are moving on, feel free to send it to me. I promise not to get upset about it’s faults. I’m more than happy with my Canons..and can always use another!

    | |
    • LOL

      You don’t find Canon’s product limitation because your skill is not developed up to the stage that Canon limits you. You know what I mean?

      | |
  75. Martin Francis

    Okay, here we go.

    You are a spoilt child. You have gotten everything you want from your camera company for years and years, except now you see the kid over the street are getting more megapixels than you. And the kid on the next street has a mirrorless. And your camera manufacturer is correcting all the finicky little flaws you’ve been picking them up on for years, like how their top end glass isn’t sharp in the corners on full frame, but you don’t wanna pay for them because the old models you’ve been complaining about are ALMOST as good?!

    Get a grip. Don’t blame Canon. I’m a Nikon shooter, and you know what I gripe about? I gripe how the D800 doesn’t have wifi, how there’s no 100/2.0 in Nikon’s lineup, how the 24mm PCE can’t have its tilt and shift axes independently adjusted, how much better Fuji implement Mirrorless than Nikon do, how Canon have integrated radio TTL, how I’d really rather have my 36 megapixels in a 36×48 sensor. The guys who jumped ship already and bought A7rs are currently griping about how they can’t get a sharp picture at certain shutter speeds, how their expensive adapted Leica wide angles make for some weird colours in the corners, and in a couple years time they’ll be griping how Sony decided to rebrand their ILCs into Xperias and now their shoots get interrupted when they get a text message.

    I know we are all gear nerds, and talking about this stuff is our equivalent to talking teams in sports, but it galls me to see petulant rants like this one passed off as articles. Mr Krieger, kindly turn your computer off, do something else for a while and come back when you’ve regained some perspective.

    | |
    • Zarli Win

      Great reply. That’s kind of how i felt while reading this.

      | |
    • Bry

      Thank you Martin. Your reply was right on the nose and was spoken (typed) eloquently and without a tone of attack.

      I read “you are a spoiled child,” burst into laughter and immediately “liked” your reply. Then I continued to read the rest with a smile on my face.

      | |
    • John Vinny Marquez

      +1. There will always something to complain about regardless of what platform you choose. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you decide to do something to address these problems. Complaining on the web will not solve anything.

      | |
  76. opopop

    Totally agree.
    I was a Canon customer during years and actually move to Sony.

    | |
  77. Kris

    So are we no longer sympathetic to the fact that Canon said their development was crippled for more than a year due to the tsunami/Fukushima disaster? Last I knew, we understood that anything groundbreaking was going to take some good time, and in the meantime everything was going to be incremental.

    | |
  78. George

    You should move to Sony. They listen to their customers andthey provide FW updates quite often .

    | |
    • Mike Porterfield

      I’m a Sony shooter through and through, but this made me LOL. Unfortunately Sony tends to offer FW updates in the form of an updated camera. Rarely do their FW updates add any functionality outside of lens profiles. But IMO their product is so good that I can’t leave.

      | |
    • Maxxuman

      This is in response to Mike Porterfield. I’ve been shooting Sony since they took over from Minolta and I can cite 2 very significant examples where FW updates have provided a big improvement – high ISO performance and control on the A700 and overall responsiveness on the A77. There are still FW wish lists that haven’t been satisfied but that seems true of all manufacturers.

      | |
  79. Michael Rapp

    So, Canon bodies really suck and their lenses are all made of glass bottle bottoms?
    They are making you buy all your gear new each couple of years?
    As Joan Rivers would have put it, get a life!
    Fact is, the gear available nowadays from Cannikon is so good that Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson would have sold all their children for to shoot with this. But they hadn’t, they didn’t and guess what? They still got great pictures out to the world.
    Bottom line is that no one can make you buy the new gear you apparently don’t want, and since the laws of optics don’t change every few years there really is no pressing need to upgrade the lenses either.

    | |
    • Joven

      You sound unreasonably bitter about this article. Your response sounds so bitter that one would think that the article was a personal attack on your photography. He’s not the only person that wants better sensors from Canon, just like there are many Nikon shooters who want more cross-type AF points on the edges, or better video quality and control.

      He cited an situation where the D800 was able to capture a scene without the assistance of an ND filter. Who are you to tell him that that’s not important for photographers like him? Get off your high horse and accept that there are things that Canon can be doing better as a market leader.

      | |
    • Michael Rapp

      @joven: since I haven’t mentioned my photography at all, any reference to an attack on I file under “overstatement”.

      As for being who I am to tell anyone: the author posted his opinion, I volunteered mine. I neither imply that the author wants me to buy all new gear every year, neither do I want to send him back to the cave drawing figures on the wall.

      My point was not to say that both Canon and Nikon don’t have room for improvement, there always is a better model out next year.
      However, if they don’t come up with the Big One just yet, keep on shooting with what you have. As it says somehere in the bible: “count your blessings, not your woes.”

      | |
    • jon

      Cartier-Bresson would never have shot Canikon. Those are macro/sports/wedding cameras. Not street cameras. He would still shoot Leica.

      | |
  80. Ryan

    You have mentioned several significant things Canon has done. There is YEARS apart on each of these milestones. Sure we are due for the next one but it doesn’t mean I will give up my Canon for that reason.

    And remember it isn’t the tool, it is the tool holding it.

    | |
  81. Marty

    Whiner. The fact that you use Magic Lantern as an example…

    Problems with Magic Lantern:

    1. No idea of the long term effects of pushing hardware to limits.
    2. Since they aren’t charging for it, they have no accountability. Less testing, no warranty, no responsibility. They can released buggy code, and have the world “beta” test it for them for free. Brick a Camera? not their problem. If Canon released it they would have to invest in testing, reliability, etc… for what? The audience who would use it is so small its not worth the investment.
    3. Don’t ya think they would do the same thing the Magic Latern offers if they didn’t have a reason not to? The “Camera” wars are all about a pissing match of features and being 1 point better than the competitor.

    There are some good points here, but the snarky “I am gonna take my ball and go home” attitude basically makes this article childish and loses its points.

    Go ahead and go play with the off brands. We won’t miss you.

    | |
    • Joel

      First of all, I’m in Nikon, but I understand the problem here. Some people made the same move in Nikon, changing to canon because the body were bug free (or almost).

      Forthe Magic lantern problem, if you brick your camera, you can send it to canon for a rewrite of the firmware. it will cost, but they understand people want more, but your warranty if the sensor, for exemple, burn out will be expire.

      For buying off brand equipement, the fact that all the “minor” company stand out to the big one prove quite something. For the same build quality, the same optic quality, but for 1k less, who is stupid enought to pay the full price for the branded one? I go quality first, then price, but I work with quite few lense made by Sigma and tamron, and they are great… just maybe not that fast in autofocus.

      | |
    • Coty

      “We won’t miss you.” Do you work for Canon or something?

      | |
    • Marty

      No. “We” the family of Canon users.

      | |
    • Santa Cruz

      Ignorant and stupid response. Childish! Why, because he wishes to change to another brand if Canon does not improve? Very strange reaction

      | |
  82. MattB

    Absolutely. But you can draft another one to Nikon as well and let me sign my name on it. It feels like both companies have been using camera launches to test minor upgrades rather than to release something new. My girlfriend owns a D600 and wasn’t the least bit happy to hear that Nikon had fixed some of the bugs and re-branded it as the D610, and as someone who just upgraded to a D7100, I’m not entirely pleased to hear the D7200 is already rumored to be announced soon. They need to take their time to get these cameras where they need to be BEFORE they release them! It’s not benefiting loyal customers to buy new products anymore. That’s not even mentioning both companies’ half-hearted attempts at mirrorless cameras.

    The Sony A7 is starting to sound pretty good these days.

    | |
    • Bridgette

      I started on Sony because of technology vs. price point. I’m there to stay!

      | |
  83. matt

    I couldn’t agree more. I have felt this way for awhile.

    | |
  84. iliketag

    While I understand some of these points, the “letter” comes off more as whiney than anything else.

    | |
    • Ladislav Baroš

      WOW, I love you ! You’re absolutely RIGHT ! Many angry people have already left Canon. Me included. Canon is gonna follow NOKIA !

      | |
    • Ralph A.

      someone’s mad about the simple basic facts lolz… Stay “standard”.

      | |
    • Shannon

      bla bla bla… you’re right… its whiney…. ugh! so tired of bitching about this, bitching about that….. you work within the parameters of the technology, some excel more than others…. it it doesn’t work for you, find something that will

      | |
    • sun

      @iliketag…did you not consider that the reason he sounds so I because of his passion for canon. He wishes not to leave the brand as he comes across as a loyalist. He would definitely sound as such.

      | |
    • Richard

      hmmm have to agree with the whining when you are complaining about DX sized lenses versus the cost of FF sized lenses.

      not to mention the 24-70II is the best standard 2.8 lens in existence today (from said reviews – I don’t know one review that said the 24-105 was comparable). ML firmware for RAW also would require a whole new CR standard RAW format. can you imagine the implementation cost? not to mention headaches?

      If you are going to complain at least know what you are talking about, the letter sounds more like .. you just haven’t come out with the one camera i’m looking for so i’m sulking letter.

      | |