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One Photographer/Videographers Cry for Help over YouTube Blocking

By Anthony Thurston on June 8th 2013

“My name is Nitsan, I am a very hard working 24 year old filmmaker (see my work below). I came home from a shoot last night to find emails from my viewers telling me my channel has been terminated. Unfortunately, without any warnings or explanation from Youtube.”

That is the beginning of this photographer/videographers plea for help over what appears to be an erroneous account blocking/deletion by the YouTube moderators. According to his post Nitsin had over 200 reviews and tutorials totaling over half a million view and over 3000 subscribers to his channel. Like many videographers Youtube and other video sharing sites are a huge part of Nitsin’s business and marketing.


Without his YouTube channel Nitsin worried about getting enough work to cover his rent, so he has taken to social media hoping to get others help in getting his YouTube account back. He is calling on anyone willing to help him get a response or at least some form of contact from YouTube to take to social media, email, and other venues to help him out. If you are interested in helping out a fellow photographer and videographer in need you can do any of the things below as stated on his blog post:

Please tell Youtube that you support me by doing one or more of the things below. It can be as simple as “Please help us bring back the ‘NitsanPictures’ deleted channel!” – Feel free to share your thoughts, but please don’t be abusive towards the Youtube staff.

RE-TWEET THIS (LINK) and SHARE THIS POST (LINK) on facebook. Also comment on the post that brought you here and on this article. No email needed, just type  in a name.

Please help me find ways to contact a real person at Youtube/Google (or anything else that could help). I’ll update this post. All ideas welcome.

Email:,,,,,, Some of these are confirmed to work.

Tweet to @YTCreators, @mattcutts and please let me know if there are other people who would be relevant to tweet. I don’t know much about Twitter, so any advice or help here will be great.

I for one support this photographer and encourage you all to do the same. The part that gets me the most riled up is the fact that Youtube sent no warnings or feedback to Nitsin letting him know what he supposedly did to warrant his account to be blocked. Nitsin’s showreel can be seen below, as you can see its quality work. This isn’t just some hack trying to make a buck off Youtube tutorials and reviews.

If you find the time this weekend help a fellow photographer and videographer out, get the word out that YouTube needs to take another look at this one, and at a minimum explain why the account was blocked.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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