If you need some super-fast 32 GB memory cards, check this out.  B&H is having a one-day sale on three 32 GB Extreme and Extreme Pro CF and SD cards, at the following link:



Sandisk Extreme 32 GB Compact Flash (CF) card – 60 MB/sec – was $153.95, now $84.95





Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB Compact Flash (CF) card – 90 MB/sec – was $238.95, now $138.95



Sandisk Extreme Pro 32 GB Secure Digital (SD) card – 45 MB/sec – was $59.90, now $38.95



I don’t think I need to explain what an amazing savings this is!  Better get on it right away, this sale is today only.  (If you’re reading this article on Thursday April 26th, sorry!)


…Of course if you’re a responsible professional photographer,  you’re probably thinking to yourself  “No way, I’m not putting a 32 GB memory card in my camera!  That’s way too many eggs for just one basket; if the card goes corrupt I could loose a couple thousand images!”  If this is you, then good!  You’re a sensible, responsible professional photographer.  However I’d still reccomend getting one of these puppies, especially for the price.  Why?  Let me elaborate…


These high-capacity cards are not just helpful if you plan on buying  D800 and shooting in un-compressed 14-bit RAW all the time; they’re also extremely helpful as a pocket-sized, on-site data backup.  If you have one of the newer cameras with dual card slots, such as the Canon 5D Mk3, the Nikon D800, or the Nikon D7000 / D300s, …then you can use a huge 32 GB memory card in your second card slot, put your regular 4 GB or 8 GB cards in the other slot as usual, and set your camera to “record to both cards” (backup) for instant data redundancy!  Your camera will work like a RAID 1 system, and will stop you when your smaller 4 GB / 8 GB card is full, so you can swap those cards out as usual and just keep leaving the larger capacity card in your camera.


Also, if you don’t have a camera with dual card slots but you do in fact do a lot of work that requires you to say, travel a great distance from home, …then you can manually download your images to a computer and re-load them to one of these high-speed cards, and then just slip it into your pocket when you travel.  I dunno, call me paranoid, but I just don’t like to store ALL my files in my camera bag, especially when I’m traveling by plane or even just a long drive.  Camera bags are quite a big target for theft, especially in certain areas.   So what better way to back up your data discretely than with a single memory card in your pocket?


One last tip-  When I travel by plane for out-of-town weddings, one thing I do is I drop this CF / SD in the mail to myself before I hop the plane.  You know, just in case my plane goes down.  ;-)  Yes, I care about my clients’ images THAT MUCH!!!


Click HERE to browse all Sandisk memory cards…


Alright take care, and always remember to back up your images one way or another!