Lauren Dinh of Playful Soul Photography has recently started her designer mask business, Playful Soul Designs – complete with Bride, Groom & wedding party masks! Given that some states are starting to allow weddings and gatherings again, these could be a very welcome accessory/service to maintain safe social distance practices. Besides, I can already think of some fun shoot ideas to make the most of this!

Speaking with Lauren briefly, she said they were adding custom branding, and custom pet portraits to the line-up. She also had the following to say;

It honestly started with simply the idea of providing masks for my family. It was so hard to purchase anything at the store. I started making them and posting them on my IG stories for fun and soon enough I got people asking if I was selling them. Since I was already making them I thought why not? After that it just took off.

Our cotton wear line was our first design and it was inspired by the idea to provide safety masks for the general public. At the time everyone was so focused on hospitals and front line workers, no one was able to get them for themselves. So we were there to supply them. After wearing them for a week I realized that I couldn’t wear any makeup while wearing a face mask. It would just get rubbed off onto the masks. From there I was inspired to bring back something beautiful into our lives again. I wanted women to still feel beautiful even without their makeup. Most importantly I wanted my line to be worn because they WANT to not because they NEED to. Hopefully, these gorgeous masks will encourage them to wear it more often. Thus protecting them and everyone around them. We’ve obviously expanded to also custom branding and custom pet portraits to expand our demographics! We’ll be adding more fun options soon too!

Since I’ve started the luxury designs, people have been wearing them more and they all tell me how beautiful they feel and how many compliments they get. Now when I walk out of my house, I too, never go out without my mask which is the twilight floral design. The best part is, I no longer need to wear makeup to feel pretty either!

Have a look at the Bride & Groom designs below;

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Born from the Covid-19 pandemic, Playful Soul Designs offer unique styles to not only keep you safe, comfy but also chic! We offer various styles to suit everyone’s needs from our luxury applique line, cotton wear, to custom branding! Our inspiration was to hopefully bring beauty back into our lives regardless of the current situation. If we’re going to have to cover half our faces every day, why not look good doing it.

See More of Lauren’s Work Here:

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