During the making of the ONE Kickstarter video, I recorded 3 behind the scenes videos. This second video shows how we got the shots of the Fishbomb.

Those of you that have done a lot of product photography know it’s pretty much all about figuring out how to get the product to look its best. While lighting is important, it is such a small part of each product photography shoot. 90% of the time is spent getting the item to sit, stand or float in flattering manner.

So, in this brief and simple video, we are going to show you how we got the floating turning affect on the Fishbomb product. We are using the same lighting and setup from the prior behind the scenes video, so if you have any questions on that, be sure to check that out as well.


Shooting the Fishbomb Behind the Scenes Video

Original Behind the Scenes Video (showing lighting setup)

Final Kickstarter Video (for those that want to see the full video)