ONA has announced the latest addition to their bag line, the Berlin II. Just as with the original Berlin bag, the Berlin II has been designed in collaboration with Leica and has been crafted to be the ultimate bag for a Leica owner.


The Berlin II, as ONA puts it, has been created to “celebrate 100 years of Leica photography, the Berlin II is specifically designed for the Leica M-System.”  The black leather exterior and Leica red interior really sell the idea of this as a Leica enthusiast’s bag.

The red interior is padded with closed-cell foam and has been designed to hold one Leica M body with a lens attached, up to three additional lenses, a tablet, and small personal items. It is really meant to be a great all-around day bag for Leica owners.

The Berlin II also features a zipped organizer pocket, a removable top handle, gunmetal buckles, one Leica signature red rivet and a streamlined back pocket.


ONA Berlin II Highlights

  • Black Leather
  • Red Closed-Cell Foam Interior
  • Capacity for 1 Leica M, 4 Lenses (One on Camera)
  • 1 Tablet
  • Zipped Organizer Pocket for personal items
  • Gun Metal Buckles

As you could have guessed, this bag doesn’t come cheap. Both ONA and Leica are known for their luxury price tags, and this bag is no exception coming in at $399 US. If you are an interested Leica owner, you can get all the details now over on ONA’s website here.