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Joel-Grimes-Rembrandt-Cross-Lighting-Splash Tips & Tricks

On Lighting: Joel Grimes & Rembrandt Cross Lighting

By fotosiamo on May 18th 2012


Joel Grimes is one of my favorite photographers and I’m glad that he’s now featured on the [Framed] Networked as their lighting guru.

This week, Joel discusses in depth a variation of the classic Rembrandt lighting called “Rembrandt Cross Lighting.” I have played around with feathering the key light and with Rembrandt lighting, but not quite in the way that Joel did as a Rembrandt cross light. I like how not only did he showed the technique, but also how you can change the way the light wraps around the face changes by moving the light source around.


But the one technique that I have not seen before, though, is using the softbox with the light source offset inside the softbox. Joel accidentally discovered this when he was using 2 speedlights in a softbox and one of the speedlight stopped working. Now, he use the technique with an Einstein studio strobe mounted on one side of a speedring. Pretty cool huh?


Alright, be sure to watch his entire video. It’s fascinating and a real good learning tool. Now I have another lighting technique in my back pocket, haha! Thanks Joel Grimes!

You can check out the rest of his awesome work at

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Joe is a fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs.

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    great vid, thanks for sharing

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  2. Nick Alcock

    Great Tutorial, thanks for posting this. It’s good to add some character using the light source. 

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