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OmniVision’s 12.7mp @ 24fps

By Leo Hoang on May 31st 2012

OmniVision are introducing a new camera sensor for smartphones, and the initial headline specs astounded me.


It can shoot 24 images in one second, so that’s basically a standard movie frame rate, and at 12.7mp.


There are many other factors to be considered for overall image quality, such as noise performance, dynamic range and so forth. However, this is a smartphone, and for a phone to shoot 12.7mp and 24fps to me is amazing.


As soon as I read this I had a flashback to the first camera phone I ever got excited about, and it was a Panasonic GD87. Released in 2002, and its resolution was an impressive 352 x 288 (it was impressive at the time at least).


To think that the phone not only has these impressive camera specs, but still manages to do the many other things that typical smartphones can do today, I personally can’t wait to see what camera phones can do in a further 10yrs time.



Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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