Have you ever been in a situation where you are trying to capture those perfect moments in the water, but never seem to be able to get that right moment? Olympus may have the feature for that in one of their upcoming cameras. olympus_splash_zps5542580a It was discovered today that Olympus has patented a new “Splash Trigger” feature for one of their upcoming cameras that causes the camera to take a picture when water is splashed. There are not many details about how this is achieved, my guess is through some combination of audio and visual sensors, but the end result is a perfectly timed photo of your subject playing in the water.

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This is clearly a feature designed for parents who want to grab that perfect shot of their kids in the pool. But does it have uses elsewhere? I am sure there are plenty of watersports where this may come in handy, that would of course depend on how accurate the trigger is though. Still an interesting idea from Olympus. I am curious to see where this ends up. ___

What are your thoughts on this “Splash Trigger” technology from Olympus? Is it a gimmick, or do you think this could be a useful feature for some consumers or possibly even professionals? Leave a comment below!

[via 4/3 Rumors]