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More Olympus OMD E-M5 MkII Image Leaks, Features Accessory Grip

By Anthony Thurston on January 23rd 2015

We all know it is coming, the Olympus OMD E-M5 Mk II. We know about the sensor shift technology, we have seen some leaks. It is almost to the point where they should just announce it to save us the wait.


Today we have some more leaked images, one featuring an accessory grip, and I have to say, it is one sexy looking camera. I am very interested to see how it stacks up to other mirrorless cameras in its weight class.

OMD E-M5 Mk II Rumored Specs

  • 16MP Sensor
  • Sensor Shift Technology allowing for ’40MP’ images
  • Improved Video (but no 4K)

E-M5II-vs-E-M5-rear-size-comparison-700x297 E-M5II-vs-E-M5-size-comparison-700x246E-M5II-vs-E-M5-top-size-comparison-700x263According to the rumors, we can expect this new Olympus to be announced in the first week of February. So stay tuned, and we will keep you updated with any new rumors or announcements.

[via 43 Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Dre Rolle

    i feel like I’m the only person that’s mildly excited about this camera lol

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    • Dave Haynie

      I’m excited, just not sure excited enough to be thinking “upgrade” rather that, say, “new PRO lens”. Would be a different tale if I didn’t already have my OM-D. Still very curious to see how the virtual 40 Mpixel idea works. 3 – chip Camcorders used fixed pixel offset tricks for years, so there is precedent.

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  2. Matthew Saville

    I really wish Olympus had gone with a 1.5x sensor, their weather sealing and beautiful camera controls would have given the current Fuji and Sony systems so much more of a run for their money, IMO.

    But the 2x crop sensor doesn’t deliver as much affordability and weight savings as much as it forfeits image quality, in my experience… In other words, they took a gamble in the very beginning by assuming that 2x would catch on and have significant benefits compared to 1.5x, but they messed up by not joining the ranks of Canon, Nikon, and Sony by offering multiple sensor sizes.

    They could save their market by offering an all-new 1.3x crop sensor format or something, or a 1.5x one that accepts Rokinon and Sigma and other third party glass, …or they could just make a full-frame mirrorless camera. Oh dear lord I’d buy a full-frame or 1.3x E-M5II in a heartbeat, if only they had just 2-4 good lenses to go introduce with it. Man I’m drooling now!


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    • Dave Haynie

      As the owner of a Full Frame Canon and an OM-D E-M5, I claim you’re backwards on both accounts. Most of the time, the IQ of the E-M5 is close enough to that of my 6D for the things I’m shooting. I wouldn’t bring the Olympus along to shoot in the dark, but it’s very good.

      And I can bring a whole OM-D kit along, six lenses (most wide aperture primes) for the weight of the 6D plus an L normal zoom. And the 6D is the lightest of the Canon FFs.

      As well, m43 was definitely the right choice. It is by far the best supported mirrorless format by lens makers, the best supported for video (iincluding Panasonic still and video models, JVC, Blackmagic Design, etc). Plus, Olympus was already know, going back to the original OM-1, for making very good small cameras. They weren’t going head to head with Canon and Nikon when I got my OM-1 in the 70s or OM-4 in the 80s, they were supporting an alternative. Like today… and it works. They have been the most popular mirrorless in Japan for the last several years. In Japan, mirrorless is close to 40% of the ILC market, versus about 10% here and in Europe.

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    • Matthew Saville

      Dave, the M4/3 mount may be the most widely supported, thanks to the likes of the Panasonic G-series, however it is not the most widely supported sensor size, and for me as an astro-landscape / travel photographer, there’s a huge difference. I simply don’t have the same wide / fast options on Olympus as I do with pretty much any 1.5x mount system, especially considering the latest Rokinon offerings…

      The image quality, on the other hand, is indeed quite decent for general photography, I’ll give you that, however again for what I do it seems to fall short. In testing quite a handful of 2x crop sensors, I found that all of them had trouble shooting exposures longer than ~10 seconds, and at ISO’s higher than ~1600. Not to mention the base ISO dynamic range that I’m used to from Nikon / Sony / Pentax cameras (which are all using one form of Sony sensor or another)

      All in all, it’s probably a very good choice for many, even if I’m not in that category. However my original point still stands: Did making it 2x crop actually benefit them (makers and buyers) compared to if they had just done a 1.5x sensor?

      That’s why I said it would be awesome if they kept doing the 2x crop system but also added a larger 1.3x or FX crop sensor mirrorless system…

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  3. Chaos B

    The Chinese words on the first picture means that “Olympus betrayed us.”

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  4. Dave Haynie

    Very cool looking. As an E-M5 owner, this looks like a nice update, but I’m not sure it’s a likely upgrade. Then again, I have about five of the original OM cameras — sometimes, I can resist only so long. The look is even a bit more “classic Olympus OM” than the E-M5 or E-M1, with the narrower “not really a ” prism peak. Also looks like the back screen is a true flip-out, like my Canon 60D or Fujifilm X-S1, rather than the typical flip-up/down that Olympus has used so far on their digitals. The flip-out is a bit more of a risk for breakage (Canon doesn’t do any flipping screens on their pro line.. the flip up/down sort are supported at two points, generally more rugged but still more subject to breaking than no flip at all), but it’s much more useful.

    And then again, it’s likely using the same sensor, I’m not doing video on the m43 system yet (if I was, I’d be looking at the GH4), and it’s not too difficult to just wait for an even better upgrade in a few years…

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