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Olympus To Make FE Mount Lenses?

Here is one of the more wacky rumors that I have seen in recent months, but it’s so wacky that it’s worth sharing for the discussion value – even if it is way out there.


According to an interesting rumor report over on 4/3 Rumors, from an anonymous and unnamed source, Olympus will soon begin producing Zuiko-branded lenses for the Sony FE mount. The rumor goes on the say that the first lens produced in this way would be a 35mm F/2.8 lens design similar to that of their old – and somewhat legendary – 35mm F/2.8 OM lens.

Now, on its own this seems like something so far out of left field (pardon the baseball reference) it has to be bogus. But there have also been rumblings about Olympus possibly making their own jump into full frame, in which case partnering with Sony on the FE mount (similarly to how they work with Panasonic on the M4/3 mount), could be an interesting proposition.

Do I see this happening? Not in the slightest, or I should say, not anytime soon at least. But that said, the idea of this is an interesting one, and is something that would likely get both Olympus and Sony shooters interested. Olympus shooters because it would mean access to full frame from the brand they love, and for Sony shooters because it would mean even more native FE mount lenses, something they can’t get enough of at this point.

What are your thoughts on this one? Regardless of if this rumor is legit, what would you think of a partnership like this? Make sure to comment below and let us know!

A7R II Overhyped and Overpriced?

I have not had my chance to play with one yet, so my opinion is neutral at this point, but I came across an interesting opinion piece over on Canon Rumors this morning saying that the A7R II was “overhyped and overpriced.” Now, obviously, this is a Canon fanboy site, so plenty of salt is needed here, but some interesting points are made.


You should go check out the post for sure to get the full read, but some of the points made that stood out to me were regarding the ‘issues’ being discussed on the web right now about the A7R II:

  • The Sony a7RII does not have true 14bit uncompressed raw, an 11 + 7-bit lossy compression scheme is used
  • There are severe overheating problems when 4k is used. The A7RII shuts down automatically during recording.
  • Users report about color noise issues with long exposures

But this line is what probably stood out to me the most in this post: The Sony a7RII is not a pro camera. It’s a consumer camera with pro features (and a pro price).

What do you all think about this? It’s easy to write a bunch of opinions and negativity about issues with a camera you have never used in person (as is the case here, where at least, to my knowledge the CR admin has not used the A7R II personally), but it’s another to actually use the device and have a true and informed opinion.

Was the A7R II overhyped? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Should Sony Update the RX1 and RX1R Firmware?


It has been three years since Sony announced the RX1 and more recently, the RX1R. Despite several issues with the usability of the camera, it has sort of a cult following, and those users are fed up. They want a firmware update to address some of the silly, easy to fix via firmware, issues that they have been telling Sony about.

They felt so strongly about it, they even started a Change.org petition in the hopes of getting Sony’s attention and getting an update for their beloved camera. Currently, the group has a solid 773 (as of this writing) and needs an additional 227 to get the required 1,000 signatures.

You can find the petition here if you are interested in signing or supporting this group.

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