Olympus has announced their new E-M5 II to rave reviews, and now everyone’s attention is focused on when the company will update their flagship E-M1 model. Currently, the release rumors range from late this year, to late next year, in other words ~ nobody knows.


But an interesting rumor did pop up this week in regards to a new feature that may be included on the E-M1 II. According to a post over on 43 Rumors, the Olympus E-M1 II could feature a new 1/32,000th electronic shutter feature. It would make sense for them to do so, Fujifilm added a 1/32,000th electronic shutter to the X-T1 in their latest firmware update, so I would think Olympus adding it to their next flagship camera would seem to make sense.

Electronic shutter aside, there is not much information about a possible E-M1 II out there yet, so any information is news for those interested. It is also assumed that the E-M1 II would feature the same sensor shift technology in the E-M5 II, though maybe upgraded in some way – but even that is just speculation at this point.

Add to this the rumor that Olympus could have some new F/1.0 prime lenses on the way and it seems that things could start to get interesting in the M4/3 arena soon.

What are your thoughts on the E-M1 II rumors to date? What feature set would you like to see from Olympus’s flagship M4/3 camera? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via 43 Rumors]