In this video from the team at B&H, award-winning wedding photographer JB Sallee gives off-camera lighting tips and shares how to use strobes more effectively. You’ll learn lighting techniques that mimic the sun when there isn’t enough natural light, as well as how to use a reflector to separate the subject from the backdrop. There are a lot of useful nuggets of information in this video, so get your notebooks ready and check it out below!

Canon See The Light Tour

In case you missed it in the video, JB has a series of workshops on his 2019 See The Light Tour with Canon and will be visiting cities all over America. Check out his site to see if he’s coming to a city near you and be sure to grab your seat soon as they are selling out fast!

JB Sallee - Canon - See The LIght Tour

About JB Sallee

JB Sallee and his wife DeEtte are based in Dallas, TX. Together, they own and operate Sallee Photography, the most award-winning wedding & portrait studio in Texas. Since 2002, JB & DeEtte have traveled the globe photographing 400+ weddings and 1000’s of portrait sessions for paying clients. Join JB as he embarks on his 5th national tour for the “See The Light” Tour, which is geared towards helping photographers find the right path to get to the next level.

JB & DeEtte have won the coveted WPPI Grand Award with one of their wedding albums, along with (5) 1st Place 16×20 prints and albums, (5) 2nd Place 16×20 prints and albums, (6) 3rd Place 16×20 prints and albums, (2) Kodak Gallery Elite Awards, (12) Kodak Gallery Awards & (9) Fuji Masterpiece Awards. As the 2nd-most awarded photographer of WPPI and holding the title of “Grand Master” of WPPI, JB prides himself in quality of imagery and the stories they tell.

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