Being a creative professional these days almost always means you will be married to some form of a computing device, be it for editing photos or cutting videos. The problem is that as technology has progressed these files we are working with are getting bigger and bigger and take more juice to process. Graphics card maker NVidia recently shed light on its latest group of workstation graphics cards aimed directly at creative professional who need a lot of juice to get the job done.


The three new cards start at the top with the K4000 listed at $1,269 which features 768 CUDA Cores, 3GB of RAM, and 134GB of Memory Bandwidth – the device tops out at 1.246 TFLOPs. The next in line is the K2000 listed at $599, it features half as much CUDA cores, 2GB of RAM, and 67GB of Memory bandwidth – it tops out at 733 GFLOPS. The final addition to the group is the K600, listed at $199. The K600 features 192 CUDA cores, 1GB RAM, 29GB Memory Bandwidth, and tops out at 336 GFLOPS.

I am very excited about these cards and their pricing structure. I am probably going to run out and pick up one of the K600 cards to replace my old GeForce card that is currently on its last legs. The card should help greatly with my photo and video editing, and vastly improve on my machines performance.

[via Endgadget]