As much as semi-pro and professional photographers would like the term iphoneography to die the truth is that smartphone photographers are not going anywhere. There have been some pretty ridiculous phone accessories sold with that niche market in mind, but today I wanted to share one that may actually make sense.

The Nova is a credit card sized external LED speedlight(flash) that is triggered via bluetooth, its primary(only) purpose is to act as an external light source for your smartphone camera. It may seem funny to think that people need or want a speedlight for their phone, but I say why not? Surely you have been in a situation before where you could have used some extra light for your camera phone. I am not lucky enough to have a built in flash on my phone so this sounds pretty appealing…. for the right price.

Sadly the Nova is currently only available for iPhones, but according to the company they hope to support Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 eventually. If you are curios to learn more about the Nova or are interested in purchasing one you can do so via their Kickstarter page.

[via Lighting Rumors]