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Norman Reedus Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Talks Photography & His Main Tip for Photographers

By Kishore Sawh on March 13th 2014

Celebrities with a passion for photography appear a lot more common, largely due to the ability to circulate and share imagery via the usual suspects; Instagram and Twitter. Due to the fact they have bank balances larger than their bank account numbers, there’s always an interest in the equipment they shoot with – Leicas abound. Their artistic nature and background can lend well to good photo composition, sometimes. Other times, it’s all rather disappointing, and often predictable. It sort of stands to reason then, that for an actor best known for re-killing the undead, going middle of the road with his photography was never going to be an option. Instead, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus chose the side of the road. Georgia’s literal roadside, to be precise.


Image Courtesy Of Canon

As ‘The Walking Dead’s’ resident swoon worthy star, Reedus is loved for his brooding stares, masculine physicality, and southern all-American charm and presence. Sort of like an Old 60s Camaro. Canon, however, views him as a quality photographer, which isn’t hard to agree with. He hosted Canon’s City Senses interactive gallery in New York, where he was one of three photographers to debut images inspired by the sensory feel of Coney Island.

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He’s since worked again with Canon and did a show in Times Square for the benefit of Oxfam. The actor rides his motorcycle to set and says he’s always seeing roadkill on the back roads. He says in interviews about ‘The Walking Dead,’ there’s always talk about the zombies being so scary and he always tells them it’s not the make-up, but “the ways you see the lost, dying, sick person behind the monster.” He sees the likeness in roadkill and decided to use it as a subject, “It was someone’s pet—the fear in that animal before they were squashed by someone’s car.”


Courtesy Of Reedus’ Instagram


Courtesy Of Reedus’ Instagram


Reedus also has a word of advice for photographers offered up in an interview Conde Nest Traveller which he delivers in an anecdote,

I remember trying to learn to play bass guitar. A friend of mine says, “Pick the guitar you want to hold the most; that’s what you’ll play the most.” It’s the same with cameras. Whatever one feels best in your hand, that’s the one you should travel with. If you have something in your hand that you like to take with you, you’ll shoot it. That’s really the trick.

Of course, if photography is your bread and butter, then you’re gonna be shooting with whatever gear befits the job, but I have to agree that I always find myself going back to the same gear because it just feels good. I really was interested in seeing Norman’s work because every interview I see with him, he gets more and more interesting. There’s a lot of layers to the guy and I was hoping it showed in his photos. You can be the judge, but he’s got my vote.

There’s much more to his photography than roadkill mind you, and it’s been published in his book ‘The Sun’s Coming Up…Like A Big Bald Head.’ You can keep up with his photographic offerings on his Instagram account which is very active.

Via: Conde Nast

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