Pinhole cameras are a fun project for many photographers looking to get a spark of creativity. They can be made out of virtually anything, from pop cans to cereal boxes, or in this case…wood.

NOPO Cameras is the brain child of TOÑO CAÑADAS, a photographer and creative thinker who is looking to merge both of his passions with this really interesting Kickstarter campaign. Each of these cameras is handcrafted from wood and takes real film; they are actually really freaking cool.


All NOPO cameras are built from walnut, cherry and birch wood. We made them with handcrafted techniques and new technological processes such as laser cutting, computer numerical control cutting (CNC) and 3D printing. Each NOPO camera passes through our hands to assure an excellent unique and durable product.

The Madrid-based team isn’t stopping with one pinhole design either. The company actually has five different models, each for a different type of film: 35mm, 35mm pano, 120, 24 exposure 35mm, and even a large 9×12 model.


If you are a fan of film, or a pinhole fanatic, then this is almost assuredly a project that you can get excited about. I would love to grab one of those 120 models myself. I have always loved shooting with 120 film, and a handcrafted wooden pinhole camera could be a great conversation starter at the local camera clubs.

The best part is, the company has already achieved their $13,000 USD goal and will be able to meet their production schedule. The Kickstarter has 12 days left too, so if you are interested in helping this team surpass their goal, you can head over to Kickstarter and show your support.

A pledge of ~$100 gets you their NOPO 135 delivered to your door in December of this year. If you are like me and prefer 120 film over 35mm, you can get your hands on the NOPO 120 for ~$168, to be delivered by March of 2016.

What are your thoughts on this fun pinhole camera project? Would you add something like this to your kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!