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Nonprofit Empowers Kids to Learn Photography and Fund Their Communities

By Anthony Thurston on April 30th 2013

We have all heard about non-profits developed to help in need children in developing parts of the world. Today I came across this great non-profit that is empowering kids to learn photography and then fund their communities by selling their photographs.

100cameras is the non-profit I am talking about, it was founded in 2008 by four women from New York City. I could take a few paragraphs and do my best to explain what they do, but they made this great video to tell us all about it so check out this video.

The neat thing to me is that none of the money made from selling the photos goes to the charity, according to 100cameras 100% of the money earned from the kids images are then put back into that child’s community.  In a day and age when many charities spend more on administration then on helping their cause it is refreshing to see a charity that is giving so much back to the people that it is helping.

I encourage you to checkout their website and take a look at their gallery If you see something that strikes your eye then purchase it and help support these kids. Not only are you getting this great art, but you are helping make the world a better place.


[via PhotoJojo]

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