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Nokia’s New ‘ReFocus’ App Brings Lytro-Like Features to Lumia Phones

By Anthony Thurston on October 23rd 2013


Those of you who happen to have a Nokia Lumia and are fans of the “Shoot First, Focus Later” features of the Lytro cameras are soon going to have a pleasant surprise. Nokia has announced a new app called ‘ReFocus’ which brings Lytro-like refocusing to the companies Windows based Lumia smartphones.

The new app joins a slough of software based apps, like Focus Twist for iOS, which bring similar lytro-like features to smartphones. These software based refocusing apps work by taking a series of images and then intelligently stitching them together based on what the user wants in focus. Its not as advanced as a true light-field technology based camera like Lytro, but it can still get you some pretty neat results. You can see a pre-release version of the app in this demo below:

A neat feature of the app is that the images can be refocus from Facebook after you have already shared them. This is a really neat feature because it allows your friend and family to focus the shot on what they want to see in the image. A warning to all you over sharers, this app will be addicting for you.

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Nokia is planning to release the new ReFocus app for all PureView equipped Lumia Windows Phones in mid-November.

What are your thoughts on this new app from Nokia? Do you think an app like this is as good as a lytro? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

[via The Verge]

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