In this latest video from our friend Manny Ortiz, he wastes no time giving us some quick tips for epic & creative images using some interesting light modifiers, (aka GoBo’s). While Gobos and Fresnels can be expensive, there are many affordable options out there (linked below) including the one I personally bought from Amazon to work with my lights, the Ambitful AL-16, that even came with over 16 GoBo Inserts and a 50mm focusing lens!

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Creative Lighting BTS with Manny Ortiz

There are a ton of things you can create using a GoBo setup like this giving you the freedom to use just a single light or multiple light setups for some incredibly epic and colorful shots. Manny shows you how to use both LED’s or Strobes with Gels to achieve these cool looks (including speedlights).

Some GoBo Options;

Godox Gobo

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Window Frame Gobo Single Light

Beginning with a single light and working up to multiple, Manny shows how to manage both LED and strobes/speedlights (along with Gels for color) to build up these setups for some fun and creative looks. With the wide variety of gobo inserts out there, the options are nearly endless for what you can create with these lights. We hope you find this video helpful and inspire you to create some new images. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to share your work as well!

*Content shared with permission