We have heard it all, from Medium Format to Full Frame to Organic Sensor rumors regarding Fujifilm’s upcoming projects. In a recent interview with DC. Watch, Fujifilm reps set the record straight about these rumored projects and the timeline on the Organic sensor technology.


According to the interview, Medium Format is not something that is even on Fujifilm’s radar currently. The same goes for Full Frame. According to Fujifilm’s reps, the company is focused on developing the next generation of the APS-C X Trans sensor which will be higher than the 16MP that the current generation is limited to.

Regarding the previously announced Organic sensor tech, Fuji’s representatives said that R&D is going slower than expected so it would not be prudent to expect a camera featuring this new sensor technology any time soon.

This seems like a smart move from Fuji in my opinion. Jumping into the MF or FF markets means all new mounts and new lenses, a huge investment. Solidifying their place in the professional APS-C mirrorless market seems like a good, solid plan to me.

What are your thoughts on this news from the Fuji camp? Do you think Fuji should be exploring MF or FF technologies? Leave a comment below!

[via Mirrorless Rumors]