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No Medium Format or Full Frame In Fujifilm’s Future, Organic R&D Slows

By Anthony Thurston on December 26th 2014

We have heard it all, from Medium Format to Full Frame to Organic Sensor rumors regarding Fujifilm‘s upcoming projects. In a recent interview with DC. Watch, Fujifilm reps set the record straight about these rumored projects and the timeline on the Organic sensor technology.


According to the interview, Medium Format is not something that is even on Fujifilm‘s radar currently. The same goes for Full Frame. According to Fujifilm‘s reps, the company is focused on developing the next generation of the APS-C X Trans sensor which will be higher than the 16MP that the current generation is limited to.

Regarding the previously announced Organic sensor tech, Fuji‘s representatives said that R&D is going slower than expected so it would not be prudent to expect a camera featuring this new sensor technology any time soon.

This seems like a smart move from Fuji in my opinion. Jumping into the MF or FF markets means all new mounts and new lenses, a huge investment. Solidifying their place in the professional APS-C mirrorless market seems like a good, solid plan to me.

What are your thoughts on this news from the Fuji camp? Do you think Fuji should be exploring MF or FF technologies? Leave a comment below!

[via Mirrorless Rumors]

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  1. J D

    Would they be able to compete in those other markets? Why spend money on R&D if you aren’t going to make a huge splash in the market.

    Good for them to perfect one format instead of spreading themselves out and being average in several formats.

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  2. fred palagonia

    also back then when fuji made the GX680 Mamiya and Hasselblad were well established in the medium format world.Mamiya & Hasselblad had a leg up on the competition they owned that market . they jumped on to the digital band wagon with no qualms .
    fuji jumped on to the digital band wagon too but went the same way as nikon and canon, aps-c sensors. in the beginning fuji partnered up with nikon for a while . providing a platform for nikon lenses etc.
    Fuji canon and nikon where always thought of as you affordable 35mm cameras.they commanded a good 90% of the camera market. Medium format about 10%. this is just a guestimation. fuji made the smart move by going in the direction of the smaller sensors. if they went in the direction that bronica an contex went , they to would have ended up in the photography bone yard like Kodak, Bronica, Contex and polaroid to name a few. never to be heard of again.

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  3. fred palagonia

    So fuji can get back in the medium format game if they want to.they had a similar platform like mamiya.
    the fuji GX 680 and if im correct the hade a 20mp digital back in 2003 but was never available for the us market.

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  4. Greg Silver

    I can see holding off on MF but am a little surprised at no FF. There’s definitely some demand for FF and I think Fuji would want to be there too.

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    • Austin Swenson

      yeah I think a lot of people would flock to it after a few extreme fanboys put on their stamp of approval.

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    • Austin Swenson

      I think that if they were to get into the full frame game, they would need to make lens offerings that worked with full frame sensors, have plenty of options for pros, etc. before this could be an option. With all full frame cameras come a lot of people who are looking for reasons to say they don’t want to support it yet, so I think they will have a lot to work through.

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    • fred palagonia

      if they do go full frame some day, they do have the lenses already . they have made 35mm film cameras in the past with their fujica brand . as early as 1948. they stopped around 1985.

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    • fred palagonia

      fuji doesn’t need either one ff or mf. technology wise , the sensors are far better now than 5 years ago. they don’t make lenses for other ff camera brands . the lenses they make for their current line of digital cameras were designed for that format APS-C sensor. the only down side of mirrorless camera format is history. the have a little catchin up to do when it comes to lenses… canon and Nikon built the digital cameras
      around there lenses or lens mounts. fuji and the other mirrorless camera are great.
      they just lake lenses..they will eventually get there.

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  5. fred palagonia

    check out they provide digital solution for the old Fuji GX 680 medium format film cameras.

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  6. fred palagonia

    remember the good old days when fuji made medium format film cameras… the 6X9 G690/GL690,6X8 CW680 and the6X7 GF670 they stop them a while back , but they still make 120&220mm color and b+w film.
    just sayin.

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    • Steve VanSickle

      I’m not saying they’ll never get into FF/MF, but for the near-future, I just don’t think it’d be a good way to divert their attention from something they’re doing incredibly well.

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  7. Steve VanSickle

    I couldn’t see Fuji seriously contemplating FF or MF at this point, given that the success of the X-series (other than the fantastic quality) has been from people embracing a much lighter kit for location shooting. “Hey, let’s take that thing that’s working really well for us, and…do the opposite at the same time.”

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    • Jason Markos

      I’m inclined to agree, but I’m still surprised just due to the extra activity around FF (A7s, Df, D750 etc). That and the snobbery around FF… that it is the only way to be a ‘serious’ photographer.

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    • Steven Pellegrino


      I completely agree with you. They have so much invested in the X series and from all reviews the cameras just keep improving. I’m still shooting with the original X100 and the X-E1. I haven’t upgraded because these cameras do everything I need and I’m thrilled with the quality. I’ll upgrade these eventually, but I certainly wouldn’t make the jump from these to a Fuji FF or MF.

      The only FF cameras I have are my old film cameras. While the Fuji X cameras don’t do everything I need them to, I also shoot with a Nikon D7100, so personally I’m satisfied shooting with a crop sensor.

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