Want to make your smartphone footage more creative than ever? In the latest video from COOPH the team shares some of their best hacks on how to create stunning images and videos with your smartphone and everyday tools, no expensive gear required other than a few tools from the garage!

From smooth time-lapses & steady shots to an easy DIY gimbal – this video has it all!

Here Are The DIY’s Covered In This Video;

  1. Soup-Can Gimbal
  2. Timelapse Rig
  3. Stabilizer
  4. “Automated” Video Slider
  5. Spinning Rig / Turntable
  6. Homemade Gorilla Pod

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While some of these may take a little time to make, if you’re in a pinch and you just have to get filming, these are some pretty impressive and fun make-shift assets for your smartphone filmmaking needs! I feel like the Timelapse Rigs may be the more intriguing, (and easiest), DIY’s out of the bunch. I think I’ll be making some extra use out of my egg-timer this weekend to shoot some BTS of me cleaning and setting up my studio space.

Have you ever tried any of these ideas? Have some of your own that weren’t featured? Let us know in the comments below, and if you do try to create some of these DIY rigs, be sure to tag @SLRLounge & @thecooph and #coophshoutout on Instagram for a chance to be featured in our stories. We can’t wait to see your pics!