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Nina Berman Takes Her Camera to the Streets of New York

By Emily Cariaga on June 6th 2013

Nina Berman

“Street photographers are like dancers – you need to be light on your feet.” These are the words of Nina Berman, an award winning documentary photographer.

“Street photography is an endless pursuit of a perfect moment that you can’t really imagine in your head, but when you see it somehow you realise that’s it… You try and fit into the flow and the energy of the street.”

Nina is part of the Nikon 1 V2 speed project, and has taken her talents to the streets of Manhattan, New York to catch the buzz of the city and frenzy of its workers as they emerge from subways and stations at rush hour.

Nina Berman Photography

“For a photographer its a dream, I mean its got such a great history of street photography in this town so when you do make a picture you feel as if you are contributing to that history in some way..”

This video gives you an insight into how she works and also some breathtaking views of the city that never sleeps. And though it takes on a sort of advertising slant for the Nikon 1 V2 Camera, it still provides photographers with interesting insight and encouragement including “there is no perfect picture.”

Watch the Video

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Emily is a Lead Photographer at Lin and Jirsa Photography in Orange County, CA. She loves kittens, camping and sleeping in.

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