This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about.

Nikon D610


Nikon’s D610 is Nikon’s low-end or budget full-frame offering, but don’t let that dissuade you. This is a very capable and very high-quality camera. Featuring a 24.3MP sensor, Native ISO up to 6400, and full 1080p video recording, this is a great body for someone looking to make the jump to Nikon’s full frame ecosystem.

It also happens to be $500 off right now, and you can get your hands on it for just $1496.95. Grab the deal over on B&H here.

Canon 6D


The 6D, conversely, is Canon’s entry level full frame offering that in many respects matches or surpasses their 5D Mark III. This is a solid camera with great features, and if you are sold on the Canon system, then this is the budget full-frame camera for you.

It is also $300 off currently, and you can get your hands on it for just $1399. If interested, you can find the deal over on B&H here.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Elite


The OM-D E-M5 II may be out, but the E-M5 Elite is still a killer camera. Thanks to some awesome savings right now, it is also one of the best M 4/3 deals on the market. Save $400 today, and grab one for just $499, head on over to B&H here if interested.

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