For those of you who have been eagerly awaiting Nikon’s sub-$2000 full-frame mirrorless camera body, the day of arrival is drawing near! Nikon has announced that the Z6 will begin shipping on the 16th of this month, (Tomorrow!) …therefore arriving in plenty of time for the 2018 holidays. Of course, if there are any out-of-stock issues in store for Nikon fans, don’t wait; you’d better get your pre-order in now to ensure delivery by Christmas! (Or, maybe even by Thanksgiving for those in the US!)


Both the Z6 and the Z 24-70mm f/4 S will be shipping soon, although we do not have confirmation on the shipping date of the lens alone.

With the body alone (no F-mount adapter, and no Z lenses) will be just $1997, while the kit Z6 body plus the 24-70mm f/4 lens will be $2597.


It is also worth noting that the price for either the Z6 or the body+lens kit is actually listed at $100 lower than the originally listed MSRP, when paired with the FTZ (F-mount to Z-mount) adapter. (Which you’re very likely to want if you already have some Nikon lenses!) So, $2147 for the Z6 body+adapter only, and $2747 for the body, adapter, and lens. (This $100 discount is also available if you’re interested in getting the Nikon Z7 instead, by the way.)


Nikon DSLRs Going On Sale November 22nd

Of course, many photographers who are on a budget or simply looking for a great value, may see exciting new technology as a great opportunity to shop for current-generation equipment at a great price.

Sure enough, almost every current-generation Nikon DSL is going on sale starting on the 22nd, from the entry-level D3500 to the fully professional (though admittedly 1 generation old) D810. Savings are in the hundreds of dollars for bodies and beginner camera kits, to well over $1000 for a few higher-end camera kits.


Our favorite? The tried-and-true full-frame Nikon D750, a DSLR that is perfectly balanced for both hobbyists and pros- it is a whopping $1200 off when paired with the 24-120mm f/4 VR and a battery grip. ($1897)

Whether you’re jumping on Nikon mirrorless or looking for an amazing DSLR deal, this holiday season looks to be an exciting one!