Seems like every week there is some new lawsuit being levied or being won with regards to the photo industry. This week, we have the results of a lawsuit that we first told you about just over a year ago in which Nikon was suing Sigma over its VR technology.


In case you need a quick refresher, Nikon took Sigma to court over the image stabilization technology in 6 of Sigma’s lenses. Nikon has patents protecting its VR (Vibration Reduction) technology and they determined that Sigma’s Optical Stabilization (OS) was infringing on their patent. Initially, they tried to negotiate a deal, but were unable to come to terms with Sigma, so they opted to sue.

Well, the verdict has come in and a Tokyo District Court has ordered Sigma to pay Nikon $1.5 Billion Yen (roughly $14.5 million dollars). While this may seem like a big loss to Sigma, they actually got off pretty easy when you see that Nikon originally asked for 12 Billion Yen (roughly $116 million dollars).

What do you think of Nikon's award from their lawsuit against Sigma?

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What do you think of the award Nikon received? Is Nikon in the right for defending their tech or is this just a case of Nikon bullying Sigma? Share your comments below to join the discussion.

[via Nikon Rumors]