It would only make sense that Nikon would trade on its legacy in their step into mirrorless because at this juncture in time it would appear to be what they can actually trade on. A hundred years is a helluva foundation and it would be remiss to forget that it was built not just on camera bodies, but on lenses. Nikon has produced lenses in legendary numbers and some of actual legend, such as the 58mm f1.2 NOCT, a lens they seem to suggest they will revisit in their newest teaser video.

It is, in fact, the first lens you see in the video, and leaks and rumors have been spreading for months that another NOCT was in the pipeline. While this is unverifiable at this time and the company has made no direct mention of it in their recent press releases, it wouldn’t seem to be so far-fetched. Especially given the fact that nearly everyone is in agreement that the new mount is big enough to allow for a class of light-gulping lenses that have heretofore been difficult for Nikon to make. A new NOCT would certainly be a statement piece, even if it would likely come with a price tag equal to its weight in gold.

Nikon has been criticized for eons about their small mount and the limitations inherent to it, but this mount looks big – possibly medium format (cropped) big. It would come as no surprise if Nikon decided to go with a mount that was large enough to take the (Sony) sensor used in cameras like the Hasselblad X1D, Fujifilm GFX, and others, as well as full frame. That would be forward thinking on Nikon’s part and open the doors to the 100MP variant of that sensor, allowing them to compete in two areas they haven’t been able to, and with the casting of one stone.

As a new system it would be logical to assume Nikon won’t be coming out the gates with a stable of lenses, and thus adapting older SLR lenses is going to be a focus, but what do we really want to see here in terms of native lenses and adapted lens performance? What will we accept?

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