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Nikon Teams Up With BlackRapid To Develop Two New Straps

By Anthony Thurston on February 27th 2014

Nikon has announced two new camera straps, The Quick-Draw Strap and the Quick-Draw Strap S. If the two new straps look rather familiar, that is because they are based on the design of the very popular BlackRapid brand straps, who teamed up with Nikon to make these straps a reality.


The Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S were developed based on quick-draw straps invented by photographer and BlackRapid founder, Ron Henry.” The Nikon press release goes on to say, “The straps have been further refined to offer even greater convenience.”

[REWIND: BlackRapid Strap Review]

Basically, we are getting some Nikon branded BlackRapid straps with some “improvements.” Sounds good to me. I think it would be cool if Canon did this too. There is no pricing or availability mentioned in the release, and the only images of the straps are quite small.

quickdraw-strap-sAccording to Nikon, the Quick-Draw Strap is larger and designed more for use with DSLR sized bodies, while the Quick-Draw Strap S is designed more for use with smaller bodies such as the Nikon 1 mirrorless system.  You can get the full details on these new straps via the Nikon Press Release.

As I mentioned above, I think this is pretty neat. But at the same time, I sort of feel like “what is the point of this?” If I want a BlackRapid strap I can go out and get one, why should I get this Nikon branded one, which will no doubt cost even more than an already expensive BlackRapid strap like the RS-7. I love my BlackRapid strap, I know Pye has used them during the Natural Light Portraiture Workshop. They are great straps, but is a Nikon branded one worth the added cost?

What are your thoughts on this development? Do you like the idea of camera manufacturer branded BlackRapid straps? Share your opinion in a comment below to join the discussion.

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  1. Dave Kai Piper

    I have a love hate thing with straps, BR are the best of the strap makers for sure, I love my Metro strap for those times when a camera strap is needed.

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  2. Larry

    I’m disappointed. At present there are few details and no pricing info. I’ve been shooting Nikons for 40 years, but I believe this is another example of Nikon taking advantage of their loyal (if undereducated) followers who have to have Nikon Brand. Example, $250 for their battery grip that should sell for $90. This will probably be very similar to the BR RS-7 with Brad underarm strap and safety tether to the strap lug that I already have, at a PREMIUM price.

    I’m also concerned that this directly conflicts with previous Nikon advice such as, “The camera tripod mount is designed to support the weight of the camera and lens but is not designed for potential shocks that this sort of strap [using the tripod socket] may impart on it.”

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  3. nael tammouni


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  4. Keif

    I made my own BR type strap because I needed to add my own quick release hook. I like have my camera strapped around my shoulder, but also like to be able to quickly detach the camera from the strap so I can hold it up high with one hand or place it on a table as I sit for dinner.

    However, would be awesome to have a strap that was a combination of a BR, the Joby cinch strap, and some sort of quick release system for detaching the camera.

    Am I the only person who would want such a thing?

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  5. David Blacker

    from the photographer’s point of view, i guess it makes the straps accessible to those in places where they can’t get their hands on the original Black Rapid straps. i live in a part of the world that most American manufacturers won’t ship stuff. Nikon will probably have this in their store over here eventually.

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  6. Timothy Isaac

    Sometimes I have no idea what the people in Marketing are thinking???!! What is the point of this?!

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  7. Philipp

    If they start including it with their Nikon Pro program it’s a nice gesture. If they start selling it off to regular people with some sort of premium; I don’t see the point in that, except of course catching all the people who want the brand and the brand only.

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  8. Don

    Sweet. I now get the convience of Black Rapid and the poser value of the branded straps. I hope it says “Pro” somewhere on it…

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  9. Hanssie

    So, I can just take a yellow marker and write “Nikon” on my Black Rapid strap right?

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