Nikon has recently announced the release of their latest 1 Nikkor lens, the 32mm F1.2. This new 1 Nikkor lens is designed to be used with the Nikon 1 mirrorless camera system. This new lens also holds the distinction of being the fastest Auto Focus lens ever developed by Nikon, it is also the first ever Nikon F1.2 lens since 1978.


Now, if you are like me and own a DSLR this is likely not too big of news for you. I mean this lens is an equivalent to an 85mm F3.5 or so on a DSLR.  But the fact that Nikon has finally taken to making an F1.2 lens after 35 years is a good sign. Hopefully we will see a 50mm 1.2 coming for our DSLRs in the future. **Insert whine about Canon has one and we don’t**

Anyways, this new 32mm F1.2 Lens is now available on B&H for $896.95 and will be available in Silver or Black. This is some serious glass for a mirrorless camera like the Nikon V2 or any of the other Nikon 1 system cameras. I mean at almost $900 you will be spending about as much as you did on the body itself, and that is a pretty big investment for a mirrorless system. I will say this though, I am seriously considering getting myself a Nikon V2 to play around with and this lens only makes it more attractive.