Its not enough to have a camera body with interchangeable lenses anymore, the future hold cameras with interchangeable sensors as well. At least that would be the case if this latest patent from Nikon ever makes its way into the real world.

Nikon recently filed patent 2013-187834 in Japan which outlines a camera body that not only has interchangeable lenses, but also an interchangeable sensor. According to a brief snippet pulled from a translation of the patent we can glean that the purpose of this patent is to prove that interchangeable sensors can be mounted with high precision.

“Conventionally, there is a digital camera provided with a removable image sensor unit to a camera body. In such a digital camera, an image sensor unit is interlocked with a camera body by electronic contact including an image sensor and its peripheral circuit.

According to the present invention, in a digital camera with a removable image sensor unit, the digital camera which can realize higher mounting accuracy can be provided.”


You have to take this all with a pretty big grain of salt, this is actually the third time that Nikon has filed for a patent related to an interchangeable sensor camera, because patents do not always make it to the real world. But you have to think about how awesome this would be from a consumer standpoint, being able to buy and own different sensors would be a huge improvement over having to purchase a completely new body to upgrade the sensor.

Think about it, Nikon could have 3 or 4 different body styles modeled after current cameras (D3200, D7100, D800, D4) which more or less give you the same build quality differences that you have now. But then consumers could purchase a sensor based on their specific needs, maybe they have a few different sensor options which vary in size and performance.

For example, maybe I buy a D800 shell and get a crop sensor or maybe I buy a D7100 shell and purchase a full frame sensor with good high ISO performance. This would open up a whole new world of being able to customize your body to fit your needs. For example say you don’t shoot at night or in low light hardly ever, maybe you could pick up a sensor which not so great high ISO performance for cheaper than a top of the line high ISO sensor and save some money. The possibilities are endless, who knows how this technology could be implemented – if it is ever implemented.

What are your thoughts on a interchangeable sensor camera body? Do you think it would be better for consumers or better for Nikon to go this route? Let us know in a comment below.

via Nikon Rumors