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Gear Rumors

Nikon Mount Sigma 150-600mm Sport lens delayed due to manufacturing defects?

By Anthony Thurston on December 22nd 2014

A new rumor indicates some good and bad news for Sigma lovers. The bad news is that there may be a recall on Nikon mount Sigma 150-600mm Sports lenses that will cause a delay in shipping for about two months. The good news, this was apparently caught before the items hit the store.


According to the report over on Photo Rumors, Sigma Corporate has pulled back all units that are currently in transit due to a defect that was discovered in the first batch of lenses. There is no information about what the defect is, or if users that already have the Nikon mount version should send their lens in for service.

The odd part about this is that I have heard 0 complaints about the lens, in any mount. In fact, the comment section of Photo Rumors already has several people curious about the recall because they have the Nikon mount version and it works fine in their eyes.

The rumor report goes on to say that it will be 45-60 days before the Nikon mount version of the lens will begin shipping again. It will be interesting to see if Sigma needs to pull back units from customers as well, and if we will learn any more about this issue (if there is indeed an issue).

*Update: This rumor appears to have been debunked. Get more details here, over at Sigma Rumors. *

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Photo Rumors]

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  1. Jesper Ek

    Anyone using these for other than wildlife and sports?

    | |
  2. Mi Guel

    I am debating between this lens and the Tamron 150-600mm Nikon Mount.

    | |
  3. Rafael Steffen

    We need to stay with our eyes open to see what possibly went wrong during the production and if anything went wrong in the first place. Maybe it is a small detail that will not make a big difference in the final result.

    | |
  4. adam sanford

    From early use, it appears that this new Sigma lens may relegate the new Canon White Unicorn 100-400L II lens into ‘maybe not?’ territory. These lenses are made for the reach-obsessed, and the Sigma will deliver 600mm f/6.3 without the drawbacks of a teleconverter. From early testing (see LensTip) it is remarkably sharp.

    Proper reviews for both lenses are forthcoming, but if the Sigma is shown to outresolve the Canon and deliver reliable AF performance, you’d really only buy the Canon if you were a backpacker / handheld shooter — the Canon is smaller and lighter. The Canon also takes 77mm filters, which is a nice feature. (The Sigma takes a 105, which is likely a new purchase for most shooters.)

    | |