For quite some time, you’ve been waiting and hoping. You’ve humored rumors and indulged the speculation as to how and when Nikon would enter the next era of its existence. And it seems that the reward for such patience and, I dare say faith, is ascending on the horizon. Something new, something different is coming from Nikon. A Nikon mirrorless is about to break dawn.

Nikon is masterful at providing cryptic teases that tell you nothing and yet, tantalize you with enough to cobble together the shards of previously dashed dreams and refashion them into a new but fragile reverie. Granted, Nikon has needed as much press as possible, and that’s a way to get it.

Is this the new Nikon full frame mirrorless camera? Honestly, what else can it be?

Almost a year to the day, Nikon released a similarly dramatic but, far less vague teaser. We all knew the update to the D810 was coming and the timing, context into which it was unveiled, and video title left no doubt as to what it was. The centennial celebration was the company’s homage to the DSLR and culmination of a century of photography mastery; the D850.

[REWIND: The Nikon D850 Announced But Not Revealed]

Now, in year 101, perhaps first strokes of a new chapter in the company’s history and the full frame mirrorless market are being written. Will Sony finally face direct competition in a segment of the market it has occupied unchallenged for half a decade? We shall soon see. After all, it’s easier to be king of the mountain when no one else has dared to climb.

And yet, this climb is littered with perilous challenges that demand to be answered. Has Nikon finally nailed video autofocus? How many new lenses will establish this new mount? How competitively will it be priced? What, if any, new mirrorless feature can they offer that does not currently exist?

However, that’s not what this video is about. The answers to those questions are all about facts and specs. This teaser is about emotion, excitement, and intrigue. And to that end, it delivers.

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