During the Holidays, Nikon runs those annoying “bundle deals,” where you have to buy a DSLR in order to qualify for any rebates on lenses. Luckily for most of us, after the holidays have passed and around this time of year, Nikon usually announces some ‘lens only’ rebates. Those rebates are back.

Nikon rebates of up to $400 are now available on a wide selection on Nikon lenses. They will remain active until March 1st 2014, and while it is possible that they will be extended, I wouldn’t count on it. Jump on these deals while you still can so you aren’t stuck with having to bundle with a DSLR when you do make your lens purchase just to get a good deal.

You can find the full selection of Nikon lens rebates over on B&H. I have also taken the liberty of listing a few of the better deals, in my opinion, below.

Top Nikon Lens Rebates Now Available


There are 15 lenses in total, with rebates of up to $400. If you were looking to get a lens during the holiday season but were put off by the “bundle deal,” then maybe this is your chance to get that new lens you were wanting. You can click on any of the 4 lens links above to get the deal or find the full selection of Nikon lens rebates over on B&H.