In case you hadn’t heard, 2017 marks Nikon’s centennial anniversary, and Nikon is igniting the celebratory rounds with a rather ‘shouty’ video exalting the company’s history and chronology of success; which is, really, something to shout about – Even if, the whole thing is just a hair’s breath of a parody.

The Japanese multinational corporation has been specializing in optics of all kinds since July 25th, 1917, and along the way has developed microscopes, ophthalmic lenses, rifle scopes, cameras of course, and are the world’s second largest manufacturer of photolithography steps in semiconductor fabrication. If Leica is camera aristocracy then Nikon, like Canon, is an elected governing body of the people.

Unlike Canon, however, Nikon has rarely been loud; rarely been one to scream for attention (no grey lenses here), and has more so relied on its legacy, its steady slew of precision cameras and optics to carry them, so this video, narrated by whom I can only assume is the narrator of every 80s horror movie is such an odd departure. It’s essentially a rewinding timeline that traces the company’s achievements over the past 100 years and is accompanied by Nikon’s 100th anniversary website that’s full of more history.

If you’ve ever shot Nikon, ever been around Nikon users, you’ll likely see this as a departure from typical form, but in the face of a changing hardware landscape, maybe Nikon is trying to change with it. Or, perhaps, the video not being  in line with youth or what everyone else is  doing is the most Nikon thing they could’ve done. Long live Nikosaurus.

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