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Gear Rumors

What is Nikon Going To Announce This Week?

By Anthony Thurston on February 9th 2015

It has been rather quiet on the Nikon front as of late, but if the latest rumors are true, that is all about to change. CP+ is this week, and that means lots of announcements. Canon and Olympus have made theirs, and Nikon is expecting to follow suit in the next 2-3 days.

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Rumored Nikon CP+ 2015 Announcements

According to the latest rumor report from Nikon Rumors, Nikon is poised to announce at least 5 new cameras in the coming days. Some lenses could be announced as well, but nothing is ‘for sure’ on those.

The report lists an Astrophotography-focused D800a, the D7200, the Nikon 1 J5, and several new Coolpix point and shoot level cameras. The one lens that you may be interested in that may make an appearance is the rumored 24mm F/1.8G, but the probability on that, according to the report, is uncertain.

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I must say, the D800a and the D7200 catch my attention, but the other stuff isn’t much of a big deal to me. I know that our own Matthew Saville will be all over that D800a, and I am curious to see if Nikon will finally make the D7xxx series the Canon 7D rival that it should be.

What are you looking forward to seeing from Nikon this week? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Rafael Steffen

    Thanks for sharing the thoughts on the new cameras.

    | |
  2. Peter Stout

    Very disappointed with no announcement of the 24mm 1.8G. I would love that lens on a DX body, need something wider than the current 35mm 1.8, but with a friendlier price than the 24mm 1.4.

    | |
  3. | |
  4. Mac MacDonald

    Pretty sure they’ve made all their announcements. If you look at their “news” page they made a bevy of announcements today and no 7200… I’m giving up hope on that being released in 2015.

    | |
  5. robert garfinkle

    it would be my hope, that if PF is a great feature, like it is in the new 300 f4, that along with other announcements Nikon mentions that they will bias some of their newer / upcoming lenses with PF… which notably brings down the weight / size and helps reduce CR etc, right?

    Of course, and jokingly, if they do decide to use PF in upcoming lenses which will drastically reduce the lens’ weight, it may be not so reduced by the offset of ink used to describe the features of the lens – i.e. PF, ED, G, SWM, N, IF, VRII, AF-S…, a lens can get heavy with all those designations printed on it… :)

    | |
  6. Kyle Stauffer

    I was hoping this article would have something about the new firmware updates for my d800 (and others) that I’ve been waiting for. Supposedly having new white balance update, metallic and flat picture control, electronic first-curtain shutter and a new raw histogram.

    Anyone hear anything more on that?

    | |
    • robert garfinkle

      not sure if that is “officially” part of a firmware update or part of Nikon’s new program ( also firmware updates – as feature enhancements, not fixes per se ) which builds in new features to existing equipment… I’ve heard it somewhere from both sides… if I find out something I’ll post it here… followup.

      | |
  7. Riley Johnson

    If they do release a D7200, it needs to be quite the competitor to the 7DMII. I’m glad I just sold my D7100 about a month ago, otherwise I would soon have a camera worth a lot less.

    | |
  8. robert garfinkle

    so, the rumor mill tags the D800a as the D810a ( too ) – under two possible names…

    As I do have a major liking for astronomy you’d think this camera, no matter what they name it, will be a perfect fit for me. Yet, if it’s major function / purpose is biased towards astronomy, cool, though I cannot justify buying it just for that reason. Now, if it turns out that the D810a can do ALL the things the regular D810 can do plus the astronomy and beyond ( more applications ) then I might consider a trade up etc.

    Personally, if I had the money I’d probably sink it into a 2nd camera, say a D750, but it’d probably suit me to either get another lens under my belt or take a photography class to which I need more than anything…

    | |
    • robert garfinkle

      On second thought – a D810a does not make sense. Why would Nikon do this? Matt S, can you drop in for comment here? I mean I know Nikon does some goofy stuff, especially lately, but why would they want to bring this thing into their line up? Could it be that the platform of the D800 family of cameras is just ripe for astrophotography and accenting the sensor (as described in the rumor) they think they’d have a marketable piece that’d do well to niche markets?

      | |
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    • Holger Foysi

      Regarding your comment, there was a comment at Nikonrumorscom (Andrew).
      Let me cite:”One blogger stated that the leading Astronomy magazine in the US has 100,000 subscribers and speculated that there are at least 300,000 astronomy hobbyists in America.
      The American Astronomical Society states that there are 6,000 professional astronomers in North America with about 150 job openings each year. And about 125 Ph.D.s. are conferred each year.
      So if we look at the global market, one can estimate that there are over 1 million astronomy hobbyists.” Maybe this helps to put this into perspective.

      | |
    • robert garfinkle

      and so it goes. Excellent… seriously this is cool. Nikon does warn that this model is exclusive to astrophotography in the sense that the images will have a tendency to be “red-shifted” under certain conditions –

      Well, hmmm, I just would not have thought they’d go after a particular market like this but then again, could be the smartest move in the world, which would make Nikon a trendsetter. Imagine, in their line up, Studio, Sports / Journalism, Astrophotography – centric cameras…

      Can anyone pony up information, aside from sports cameras, where a manufacturer has specifically designed a camera for this type of photography or for that matter specifically for “limited” use in a particular area.

      I got it!!! Now I know why they decided to make a model like this – it makes all the sense in the world. Nikon has been monitoring SLR Lounge, saw all Matthew S’ commentary about liking the D750 over the D810; and has specifically designed a model to change Matt’s mind (knowing too that he likes astronomy) – so he’d buy one… Gosh, the lengths Nikon will go to, nice. If that were the case they should just give him one, yes? Do you agree Matt?

      | |
  9. Michael Old

    I would like an inexpensive 400mm f/4 or f/5.6. ($2500-$3000 range)

    | |
  10. Steven Pellegrino

    I wasn’t impressed with the D7200. I’m shooting with the 7100 as my primary camera for photojournalism work, and it’s a nice camera, but can’t see upgrading to the new one. In fact I’ve been thinking of picking up a used D300 for my primary camera and using the 7100 as a back-up.

    (off topic, but I really want a D750)

    I am curious about the new D800A. The crop sensor has been meeting my needs for a long time now, but the allure of a full-frame is there.

    | |
    • Jason Markos

      In what respect are you not impressed with the D7200? I was under the impression it’s not released yet…

      | |
    • Steven Pellegrino

      It hasn’t been released yet, but if you search here you will see that a couple of months ago some of the rumored specs were released. Based on what I read there wasn’t a significant change to justify an upgrade. If someone has a D7000, then it would most likely be worth the purchase, but for me, not from the D7100 to the D7200.

      | |
    • Stephen Jennings

      There’s rarely ever a good reason to upgrade your camera to the next released model. It’s better to wait at least 2 releases, so the d7300 or 7400 would be a better model to upgrade to.

      | |