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Nikon D800x Super Kit, Huge Fan Sculpture

By Anthony Thurston on August 8th 2013

Have you ever wanted to declare your love for a camera brand so much that you hand crafted a huge sculpture of your favorite camera model? That is exactly what one Nikon fan from Taiwan did over the last year.

Nikon-D800X-super-kit-3 Nikon-D800X-super-kit-10

Dubbed the D800X Super Kit, the sculpture even comes with a detachable battery grip and a 14-24mm lens and even has an illuminated top panel. The camera, lens, and battery grip were all hand made by this Taiwanese fan. Not only that, but the detail on this is astounding; from some angles you could almost mistake this for a real Nikon D800.

21-1_zpscb809a36 Nikon-D800X-super-kit-8 Nikon-D800X-super-kit-10

The size is what gives it away in person, but in pictures, without anything to reference, you could easily mistake this for a D800. Personally, I think that this is pretty darn cool.  Sure it took over a year to do, but if you are going to do something better take your time and do it right.

What are your thoughts on this D800X Super Kit? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via Nikon Rumors]

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    I am not impressed at all. If I was 10 years old maybe I would be. If I saw what it was made of and if he used chocolate, clay, or wood I would be impressed. Otherwise it just looks like something made on a 3D plastic printer. So no big deal. Where is the craft in this? That is what I want to see.

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  2. klab

    its cool and all, but i would rather be out taking pictures with the real thing. But still that took talent!

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  3. Remy

    Was not impressed until I saw something which showed the scale of the sculpture, the only idea of scale came from the picture of the camera with its model but even that was not clear that the real camera was the small one, perhaps including the following picture would have helped.

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