Having just updated the D4 with a brand new “s” version, the next camera in line for a refresh as far as Nikon Full Frame DSLR’s go are the D800 and D800E. According to reports we shared a while back, a D800s has been rumored, and over the last several days, those rumors have picked up.

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According to a new report over on Nikon Rumors, the “D800s” (which is just what we are calling it – the official name could be different), could be officially announced as soon as next month. They also have a great list of some rumored specs, which unsurprisingly given its “s” designation, are somewhat minor updates to the current D800/D800E models.

D800s Rumored Specs


  • 36MP sensor
  • No low pass (AA) filter
  • Improved software to suppress moiré
  • Expeed 4 imaging processor (they may call it Expeed 4a)
  • Higher resolution LCD screen
  • sRAW
  • 4k video is unlikely
  • Same AF improvements like in the D4s
  • Improved low light capabilities: one stop better ISO performance
  • 4 center autofocus points
  • Built-in GPS
  • No Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 5 fps (6fps with the battery grip)
  • The new camera will be lighter
  • The price is expected to be higher than the D800E ($3,296.95)
  • The official announcement is expected for June

As our own writer, Mathew Saville talked about in his Nikon Predictions and Wish List post, given Nikon’s current financial state it could still be 1-2 years before we start to see any sort of “movement” in a positive direction from where they are today. Still, there is hope that those D400/D9300 rumors regarding a release this year are worth crossing your fingers over.

What are your thoughts on this possible D800s release next month? Would the specs be worth an upgrade for current D800/D800e owners? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

[via Nikon Rumors]