Two interesting rumors have hit the web over the last several days. One concerning a possible announcement of the D800s within the next week or two, and the other concerning a possible August announcement of Canon’s 7D replacement.


According to a report over on Nikon Rumors, Nikon has a press event scheduled within the next week or so, and this event is thought to be for an official announcement of a new camera. Right now, the most likely body is thought to be the D800s, but it is also possible that Nikon could announce the new D9300/D400. Be on the lookout for that announcement, whatever it ends up being, at some point next week.


Then, breaking this morning, was the news out of Germany that supposedly Canon Pro distributors are being invited to an event towards the end of August. This points to a new pro or prosumer camera announcement, and many think that this could be the 7D replacement. Previously, it was thought that this camera wouldn’t be announced until Photokina in September.

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Maybe Nikon actually is announcing the 9300/D400, and so Canon is pushing up their timetable on the 7D replacement. Who knows, either way, if you have been thinking about picking up a new camera, I wouldn’t blame you one bit for holding off to see what these announcements turn out to be, especially if you have been looking at the 7D/D300s and have been longing for an updated take on those.


What are your thoughts on these rumors? Do you think Nikon will announce the D800s or the D9300/D400? How about Canon, is the announcement in August going to be the 7D replacement? Leave a comment below!

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