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Nikon D800 – Refurbished at B&H for $2349!

By Matthew Saville on July 12th 2013

Looking to save about $450 on a Nikon D800?  Actually, almost $650 off the regular price?  Apparently B&H has a few refurbished Nikon D800 bodies in their used department currently on sale for $2349.

In case you’re wondering; we do our homework before announcing any sales like this, by the way.  And in this case, $2349 is an awesome price for a factory refurbished D800, even considering that the warranty is the 90-day retail warranty, and not the “brand-new” manufacturer 1-year warranty (since it is sold through the used department, of course.)  Basically, you’re getting a brand-new camera for about the same as the current going rate of a used, good-condition camera that you might find on Ebay orKEH etc…

If this deal lasts beyond July 27th, when Nikon’s current $200 rebate expires, then the D800’s new price goes back up to $2996, by the way.  Although at a price like this, they’ll probably run out quite soon.


Click HERE to check out the refurbished D800 on B&H. (Or click HERE to search for a regular “used” D800 for $2299, or of course click HERE to buy it brand new and still take advantage of the $200 instant rebate)

There are also a handful of other price-drops happening right now, for example the Nikon D4’s refurbished price has dropped to $4899 from $5199.  Click here to search for more Nikon refurbished deals!

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