Wow, NikonRumor’s Admin got a hold of his own D800 and promptly went to shoot some wildlife. I have to say, the result is nothing short of spectacular. Simply put, the resolution is simply phenomenal! It’s not medium format razor sharp, but I really do think that it competes well to them and certainly to the Canon and Nikon flagships.

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So take a look at this 100% crop sample below:


And then take a look at the original image:

Looks great, right?

Even this dimly lit bar shot in ISO3200 looks great. The noise looks pretty good and is not exhibiting bad chroma noise like the Imaging Resources Studio Test.


Be sure to look at the rest of his D800 photo samples at his Flicker page. When resized to smaller files, those photos look tack sharp!

On the HDSLR front, now that the D800 is starting to trickle to various filmmakers’ hands, more video samples are starting to come out. To showcase what the D800 can do, take a look at this video on vimeo. Amazing thing is that it’s shot straight to CF card, so it doesn’t even have the high bitrate from a clean HDMI output to an external recorder. I really feel that this is going to be a strong competitor in the HDSLR market, as long as the high ISO movies also look about as good.

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