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Nikon D750 $600 Off | Is The Sale Signaling Something?

By SLR Lounge Official on August 21st 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with our Deal Dash segments of late, you may have noticed that Nikon currently has some instant rebates going for some of their best bodies like the D810, D750, D610, and even the new mini D5, the D500.

It warrants saying too, that the rebates are nothing if not significant. As it stands at the moment, $500 off the D810, $300 off the D750 and so on. However, as of today, Amazon has gone even further, doubling the savings on the D750 for a whopping $600 USD off the retail price of $2,296, bringing it down to $1,696.


It seems like just a few months ago we were all reveling in the D750’s release, and that we published our reviews of it. It has gone on to be one of the most successful, acclaimed, and adopted Nikon FX DSLRs for good reason, and if you were ever considering getting one, this sale should be reason enough. There’s no telling when it will be pulled so it’s likely wise to act fast. You can get it here, and see our full review of it at the link below.

[Review: Nikon D750 Review | It’s Achilles, Less His Heel]


That all said, it’s curious it should be going on sale at this time, even if in such a strange manner. It’s been bundled with a free battery grip, had the $300 rebate from Nikon twice this year, and now this, which makes one wonder why. Given the amount of news Canon has been generating with the impending 5D MK IV release this week, we’re forced to recognize that Nikon is actually due soon for a replacement now within that range. Perhaps this is a small signal. Or maybe it’s just a damn good price.

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  1. Daeshawn Ballard

    Can somebody point me to a resource so I can understand the Nikon lineup? Their website didn’t help at all. <- Since I can't delete this comment.. Nevermind I found one.

    | | Edited  
  2. Mark Romine

    If Nikon wants to absolutely kill it with wedding photographers they should release a D850 with the new D5/D500 focus system, 1/8000 sec shutter speed, HSS @ 1/320, touch screen and keep the same sensor as the D750. Price it in the $2,500-$2,850 range and they would sell a boat load of these over night.

    | |
    • adam sanford

      Just curious: has there *ever* been a FF DSLR with a 1/320s flash sync? And why would a $2,500 rig get that feature when the $6k flagship gripped FF rigs don’t offer it?

      I hope you get this rig, I do, but it seems like a future *D910* (i.e. top of the line FF without a grip) other than the sensor.

      Remember the very-good-but-not-great AF, the relatively limited pixel count and the 1/4000 max shutter with the D750 are 100% by design to make it the ‘middle’ non-gripped FF rig. I highly doubt Nikon will sexy-up the D750 sequel so much that it steals interest from a D810 successor.

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      The Nikon D70 had a flash sync ceiling of 1/500, as did maybe one or two other bodies from back then. So, technically that includes 1/320 lol. But, you have a point, if they’re currently “stuck” at 1/250 for the D5, there’s little chance it’ll get bumped for a lesser camera.

      However, I do have faith that Nikon will eventually put the D5 sensor into a D500 style body, just like they did with the D3–>D700 in 2007/2008…

      (That would be in addition to a D820 or D850 that offers a ~42 MP sensor for landscape shooters. Which, of course, may or may not also be a “full-frame D500” body style. I think if the no-flash prism design of the D500 is a hit, they’ll start doing it for both their DX and FX semi-pro flagship bodies.

      | |
    • James Henkle

      The D800E has a TTL sync ceiling of 320, so it’s not unheard of. I think both my D7000 and D800E both stop at 320. It’s been a while since I used my D7K.
      Dispensing the OCF module and retaining the hot-shoe would be a good change.

      | | Edited  
    • Mark Romine

      I don’t remember the last time a Nikon body had a flash sync speed of 1/320. But it has existed in the past so I would love to have it back.

      As far as the AF speed and accuracy of the D750, it is great! It significantly out performs the D700, D3, D3s and D4, can’t speak to the D5 I’ve not owned one of those.

      | |
  3. Curtis Mason

    Price is back up to $1996.95 on Amazon now. That was quick lol.

    | |
    • Kishore Sawh

      Ha. I’m not surprised. All accounts seem to be showing they dropped the sale at midnight. That’s the thing with these things, when the really really exceptional deals come by, a buyer literally has to just jump on it. This one was particularly surprising because the D750 is already at a nice $300 discount at $1996.

      | |
  4. Rob Kirkland

    Love my d750. What would people want in a d760? The d5 af system would be great and 1/8000 shutter 1/250 flash sync would be nice. I wouldnt want anymore lightroom bogging megapixels.

    | |
  5. Cedric Labour

    in another year i should be ready for FX and i think the d750 is the perfect body to start, hopefully it will have a nice price attached to it in the next year!

    | |
  6. M K

    that deal seems to be gone already? I see a price of USD 1996.95

    | |
  7. Markus DeBrow

    I’m seriously considering purchasing this model, but I’m a Canon shooter, what are your recommendations for a great lens I just can’t go wrong with? I’m sure a 50mm is a no brainer, for shooting portraits or weddings…any suggestions?

    | |
  8. adam sanford

    Nikon and Canon do not telegraph unannounced product obsolescence with deals. For instance, when the Canon 5D4 drops in a week, it will be sold side by side with the 5D3 (at very different prices) with a steadily decreasing 5D3 price until it is sold to depletion.

    In other words, I think this is just a good D750 deal, not Nikon losing its mettle and giving inventory away before a D760 drops.

    | |
  9. Matthew Saville

    While it’s also a bit of a black sheep in Nikon’s history of quality control fiascos, I’ve found my D750 to be a reliable workhorse that got to nearly 300,000 clicks before needing serious service. And that’s only after surviving at least three major impacts on concrete, LOL.

    | |
    • Kishore Sawh

      Yeah man that’s the thing, that it’s had it’s issues, yet I’ve met only one person with one that actually had them. Everyone who has them seems to love it, and I understand entirely. It’s a sensible choice.

      | |
    • Andy & Amii Kauth

      That’s freakin’ cheap and warrants a purchase. Sheesh! That said, we’re not sure we’re ever gonna go D5, DESPITE several issues with the shutters on our D750s . . . One repair, one return, but always covered. Minor incovenience and whatnot won’t likely push us away from the extreme loveliness of the D750.

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Yep. I’m a big fan of putting up with a few drawbacks, even when it comes to overall reliability / quality control, if it means a lighter more portable body with the features and performance that I need.

      | |