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Nikon D7200 Coming Before March 13th?

By Anthony Thurston on February 19th 2015

We have all been wondering when Nikon would announce their answer to the Canon 7D Mark II, and if the latest chatter is to believed, it could be coming very soon.


According to the new report over on Nikon Rumors, Nikon could be looking to challenge the 7D Mark II with the next edition in the D7xxx line, which is expected to be the D7200. The post goes on to say that the release could come any time between now and March 13th, but does not go into any more detail than that.

WPPI is coming up at the beginning of March, and it is one of the largest photography expos in the US. An announcement at WPPI, or framed around it, would make a lot of sense if Nikon wants to start the D7200 off with a bang.

The question I ask myself though, is how accurate those specs are that leaked a while back. If those are what Nikon is giving us in the D7200, then it will be no contest against the 7D Mark II. The 7D would blow it out of the water. I am very curious to see how serious Nikon is about competing with the 7D Mark II and its capabilities.

Anyway, we should know more in the next couple of weeks, should this rumor be correct. Stay tunes and we will keep you updated.

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Petr Kulda

    Hi Matthew, thanx for hints. I mostly shoot full 14bit RAW, but with sports i always have issue with shallow buffer. Sport for me is iceskating or dog and coursing. Iceskating is more chalenging of two, because of so much white and poor lighting. Next time, I will try take raw+jpg with your spec. Thanks for your advice once more.

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    • Matthew Saville

      Oh by the way, I wasn’t talking about shooting RAW+JPG, I meant shooting RAW only, but 12-bit compressed. And as often as your lens allows, also shooting in 1.2x crop mode.

      Or, if the light is manageable, shooting JPG only is also an option, in my opinion, if you master the in-camera settings.


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  2. Petr Kulda

    ANTHONY THURSTON: D7200 is not answer to 7D2. I can say it just looking at the rumored spec. Actualy, D7100 can blow out 7D2 if you prefer other feathers than fps or buffer size. Not saying it is bad camera, its just for different type of users.
    For me, more important than actual fps is continuous burst at 6fps, on other words, how long it can take these 6fps. So, better internal buss speed, deeper buffer, can solve much more issues i have with my D7100, than magical 8fps. But this type of improvement will make much bigger hole in Nikons income :)

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Hey Petr, have you tried throwing the D7100 in 12-bit compressed RAW mode, and/or shooting in 1.2x crop mode? For me that helps a whole lot when shooting sports. Not as much as getting settings perfect and shooting JPG, of course, but I understand that isn’t always a problem… I would, however recommend it to anyone who is confident enough in the lighting and exposure; just set the camera to Neutral picture style, turn the contrast all the way down, nail your white balance, and turn on Active D-Lighting too if its very contrasty. I swear if you do this, the in-camera JPGs look just like NEF’s!

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  3. Emilio Savov

    To me Nikon think got game, and started acting as “we’ve got it figured out.. we don’t need to make new cameras, we just make some new variations of the old ones” .. but very soon they will find out that some companies will pass them by and Nikon would find themselvs on 3rd or 4th place. Which is sad … I mean, I am a Nikon guy, I love my gear, but ever since Nikon dropped the D300s successor I think they said “Screw them low level Pro’s .. if they wanna be Pro, buy an expensive FX camera” .. I know I am a bit harsh maybe, but this is how it looks to me :( ..

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    • Dave Lyons

      “we’ve got it figured out.. we don’t need to make new cameras, we just make some new variations of the old ones”
      isn’t that what canons been long doing? Are you complaining that you don’t like things like improving Image Quality, AF improvements, high iso low noise, etc.. happening fairly quickly? Look at canon and see what they get… EX: 7dm2 after 5 years basically got a a flickering light thingy… that’s about their biggest improvement in 5 years.

      Yes it seems like some of these others are passing them by with bells and whistles and while nice do they actually help the actual “photography” part?

      I just went full frame and I ended up choosing a D700.. no bells and whistles, no video, no wifi or gps just a pure photography camera.. IMO the rest can be left for smartphones.

      Yes everyones mad there hasn’t been a d400 yet but maybe making such a thing returns little profit and might not be in there best interest right now but I have a feeling its coming.

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    • Emilio Savov

      Well, I’m a hardcore Nikon guy, I used to love all they do back in the days, but now they look only at the very high end and the amateur cameras. Canon :) .. well .. at least they have a mid range pro camera, while Nikon prefer to make plasticy entry level cameras, you’ll say Oh but D750 is a composite made pro camera .. yeah .. with a buffer for 5 photos. Can you imagine where the sales would be if they release a D400 now ? But a real D400, not some joke just to get the number to go. I’ll tell you, sky high!
      As for your choice on D700, the BEST choice you can ever make! I want one too, but for now it’s a little bit hard for me :)
      I don’t know … at least for now I think Nikon is not listening to their customers and that’s not a very good thing, I hope they’ll fix that soon :)

      | |
  4. Taylor Osborn

    I’m with Matthew, if they’d make a DX D810 I’d be sold. I’m a current D610 owner. Unfortunately I’ve been testing out a Sony A77 (the 1st iteration) in the meantime and it has me hooked already. I might be jumping ship and pick up an A77ii soon. Still love my D610 but man the sony may become my mistress.

    | |
    • Dave Lyons

      I was very close myself and might pick up a a6000 to test the waters. I had a a550 before and hated it but the images looked good lol

      | |
  5. Gurmit Saini

    Loving the article and bit of a debate, but don’t understand the working from home advertising things on the site, is it supposed to be there? just asking, don’t have any problem with that though.

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  6. Dayna Lee

    Now that Canon has announced it’s new 50mpx 5Ds, and two new 24 mpx Rebels, they have wacked the ball back at Nikon. Whatever Nikon does with the D7200 may not be enough though. I suspect that the 7DmkII will be a short lived model and that a 7DMkIII or some other model may soon replace it.

    | |
    • Dave Lyons

      A whiffle ball maybe… those rebels still get crushed by the lower nikons & the 5Ds’s… lol!! bigger files with with no IQ, DR or color depth upgrades… wtf??. Obviously the D8xx is being felt hard at canon but their answer is laughable, for some i’m sure it’ll be great but 98% of canon users would rather have those 3 stops of dynamic range over those mp’s. Canon is in lala land

      True the 7dm2 shoots faster but its not even in the same league sensor wise. It’s a lot easier to write files faster when there’s only half the amount of data to pipe and write.

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      There is no precedent for the 7D mk2 to be short-lived, really, considering how long the 7D was around before the mk2 came out. There is simply not enough demand for such a lineup to merit re-developing as often as other lineups.

      Having said that, I would agree that indeed the Nikon D7200 could fall short of competing with the 7D mk2, but only if someone is concerned about FPS alone. Everything else about the D7200 would make it a major winner, from the image quality to the advanced features.

      In short, the biggest thing that I think Nikon does need to worry about is the hybrid / live view AF technology that Canon is developing. Nikon seems to be doing some things along these lines too, but they’re not exactly the same AFAIK. We’ll see what Nikon has up its sleeve with the D5, though, soon enough. That could be the start of a new AF system across the board for Nikon…


      | |
    • Dayna Lee

      @Mathew Saville: Just because the 7D was around for a long time does not guarantee that the MkII will do the same. In fact, given some of Canon’s past upgrade quirks, I think it’s more likely it will be upgraded sooner rather than later.

      I just found it odd that even though Canon was being outgunned by Nikon, Sony, and Pentax in the megapixel wars that the 7D did not undergo more than the functionally insignificant bump in resolution it got. The 7D did not get a major upgrade, it just gut a little teak. I was even more surprised that the new Rebels got a larger resolution upgrade than the 7D.

      Megapixel wise, the Rebels are now on par with the other cameras in that category. How long that lasts remains to be seen.

      I just think the perception of the buying public will be that the 7DMkII, being lower resolution, is not all the camera it could be, and that Canon has a 24 + mp camera up its sleeve that it will pull out in the not too distance future. I’m thinking there may not be a 7DMkIII at all, but something different. they can’t do it right away or they’ll kills sales of the MkII and the new 5D.

      As it stands now among some of my colleagues who were waiting for the 7DMkII, there is a “wait and see” attitude. In their eyes the 7DMkII is a disappointment.

      Whatever you might think about MPX, there is a segnment of the market that wants a camera in the 7D category with more mpx.

      | |
    • Dayna Lee

      @ Dave Lyons…I know that Nikon and Canon owners are as loyal and divisive as the Halls of Congress. I shoot Canon because I started with a Canon and have a studio full of Canon glass and accessories. But from time to time when I need the extra resolution, I will rent a D800 or a Pentax 645. I am not prepared to invest in an entire collection of Nikon or Pentax glass just so I can have the extra resolution, so rent.
      That’s right, sometimes I actually need the extra resolution, especially when the clients expect it.

      I think your being a bit harsh in your analysis of the new Canon cameras because of your loyalties.

      You may think that the Canon users would rather have the extra DR but that simply isn’t the case. Canon users have been clamoring for the high MPX camera fr a long long time and DR is not necessarily the most important factor for every photographer.

      DR is not that important to me for two reasons. One is I know how to light and my most important work usually involves using lights. The second is that the difference in dynamic range between cameras, no matter how great it may seem, is actually not much all all. There is no camera that has the dynamic range that can be accomplished via HDR multishot shooting and tone mapping, on the other hand the DR is not bad on any of these cameras.

      As for the Nikon ‘crushing” the Rebels? You might want to reserve judgement on that until you’ve actually tried them out an made a comparison. As of yet, I have’t seen anything to make me come to that conclusion.

      | |
    • Dave Lyons

      DAYNA LEE… just so you know I started out with a canon as well and at the time their totl cropped sensor the 30d so it wasn’t a cheapo. Within 2 months and 5 lenses later I realized I needed a weather sealed camera as I was shooting fashion and outdoors and canons cheapest sealed body was a 5d but Nikon had the d200 so I ordered a d200 with the newly released 18-200mm vr.. the plan was to use the canon the for fashion and studio and the nikon outdoors. I received the d200 from bh a few mornings later, loaded it up and went out and shot, came home and loaded the pix up and realized my plan was flawed because the canon wasn’t even the same league and it went on eBay that night with all the lenses… now you know how I came to nikon…

      I just went full frame going from a d7000… I almosttttttttttt went with sony (Im not a nikon fanboy as most think but if I’m paying for a lexus I don’t want a toyota and thats what canons become). I just can’t justify paying more for canons and getting less especially when they are quite clearly showing Image Quality is not a priority but instead are relying on gimmicks.

      To you DR might not be a big deal in a studio but outside it is.
      “The second is that the difference in dynamic range between cameras, no matter how great it may seem, is actually not much all all. ”
      That’s complete nonsense… The recoverability of nikons sensors (mostly shadows and either the sony, nikon or toshiba sensors) makes a lot of hdr shots obsolete. My D7000 had 13.9 stops of DR and the D700 I just got only has 12.1 stops and the difference is staggering… and while that D700 is only 12mp and came out in 2008 the Image Quality scoring is just above the 5dm3 by a point or two in just about every category so basically it’s like shooting a 5dm3 and while I’m loving this camera the lack of higher iQ and DR is killing me, even hdr’s aren’t even close quality wise but at least noise free lol

      look at and tell me it doesn’t make a difference. Granted its a 7d against a d610 cropped vs full but that doesn’t really matter in that comparison. It’s not like nikon vs sony or vs fuji where those are close enough to call even, it’s night and day difference, it’s not even close.

      Again it depends on what you shoot but these sites are full to the brim with canon shooters screaming for dynamic range over more mp.. hell go to preview and read the posts on the 5ds and most of the canon users would gladly trade mp for a better sensor. If I was a canon user i’d be happy with 24-36mp with 14 stops of dr, low noise.. etc… well basically a sony sensor.

      Now the rebels… pretty much everyone I know has one, t2i-t5i basically the same sensor, more mp but no IQ improvements. Hell looking back 8 years to my 30d and comparing it to todays 70d theres more mp but little IQ improvement.

      Now these same people keep upgrading on each new model and then when I ask them how they’d feel if there new cameras IQ was the same as the one they bought 7 years ago if they’d be pissed and every single one of them was visibly upset when they actually went and looked for themselves, its a scam and bs and takes advantage of the uninformed.

      I don’t see the new rebel being any different, it would need a major sensor upgrade to be legit and if it had that it woulda been on the 7dm2, it woulda been on the upcoming 5ds which we already know isn’t the case… they surely aren’t going to suddenly stick a good sensor in a rebel and ignore the better models especially when people buying rebels generally have no clue about any of this nor care for the most part.

      As far as nikons bottom of the line… look it up.. look up sensor scores and around #37 I believe is the first canon… a 1dx… right above it at #36 is a nikon d3300… obviously the 1dx is a massively better camera but it’s still sad that canons best and most expensive camera sensor is below nikons cheapest.. That’s not fanboyism it’s how it is.

      Now the 7dm2 is great for sports and birds but for an over all camera why on gods green earth would you spend $1800 on that when you can get a nikon D610 full frame for $1500.. The IQ of the D610 makes the 7dm2’s look like a polaroid. Like I’ve said and Matts said, aside from fps even a D7000 wipes the floor with it in IQ.. a d5500 wipes the floor with it, a d3300 wipes the floor with it… a fuji, sony, pentax, olympus all wipe the floor with it. It’s gotta be last in class as far as IQ goes.

      Canon is more concerned with video.. as I’ve long said. And with the upcoming release of the 5ds they’ve pretty much confirmed that IQ just isn’t a priority, as for that model its just an admittance that the d810 is putting a dent in canon sales and they’re trying to stop the bleeding as there’s a lot of people jumping ship for that camera. It’s not just for the 36 mp either. It would be hard to fathom that they’re just saving some new great sensor for the 5dm4 after finally releasing some newer models. The 5dm4 will probably use a 6d sensor and up the fps by 1 and move a button. The 5dm3 is already a great camera but it’d kill if it had a better sensor. But more for it than a D810.. no thanks

      Again each his own and I understand the glass investment and blah blah but aren’t you a little worried about being so heavily invested in a system that hasn’t really improved it’s actual Image Quality in like 5 years when Nikon, sony, all the others are doing it surprisingly fast? It’s more than obvious that canon has sensor development issues, it has been for the last two years.

      Don’t get me wrong as I do really like the look of a lot of canon shots.. beautiful, crisp, clean but they’re just to limited. As matt said in his 7dm2 review that “it could be good enough” or “might be good enough” (when referring to landscapes) it’s like why chance it when you can get something that there is NO question about it it will get it and it’ll cost less money… and I hate how canon reduces noise by smudging pixels.

      In a nutshell for me is that I ask myself “if someone was sending me to alaska to shoot, wildlife, glaciers, night skies, landscapes, sea scares, etc.. and I had my choice of any canon or a nikon D3300 which would I take?? I wouldn’t think twice, id grab the d3300, not because I’m a fanboy but because the IQ is just that much better IMO.

      | |
  7. Matthew Saville

    From an interview with Nikon, someone was quoted as saying that yes, they have their eyes on the 7D mk2 and they do plan to compete with it. But with the D7200 rumored to be “only” 6 FPS with a ~16 image buffer, I don’t see it being THAT camera.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I’d buy a DX-sized D810 in a heartbeat! Put 8 FPS in it and a good sized buffer, and all will be well.

    Actually, to be quite honest, as a wedding photographer and astro-landscape photographer, I don’t need more than 6 FPS. I’d buy the D7200 in a heartbeat too, if it is anything like the D750. I actually traded DOWN from my D800e to the D750, so yeah.

    Heck, I’d have bought a D7100, if the image quality had been as good as Nikon’s later versions of the same 24 MP DX sensor, the D5300 and now the D3300. The D3300 high ISO quality is truly amazing, and it’s a shame that the D7100 had to get the “older technology” in its sensor.

    So while many folks may see the D7200 as either a non-upgrade, or the camera that the D7100 should have been in the first place, (which I wouldn’t disagree with) …I’ll certainly consider buying one, if they can offer similar light weight and image quality as my D5300…

    | |
    • Dave Lyons

      I just sold my d7000 and bought a d700 (instead of d610) thinking i’d use it for weddings and portraits and get a d7100 when d7200 is announced as their prices will drop a lot but I gotta say that I might pick up a sony a6000 instead as i’d mostly be using the aps-c for birds and crap, then a d750 for the stuff I like to shoot or possible just go sony. My only complain on d7000 was the buffer but that was rare.

      Anthony… you left out the part where Nikon says they have a competitor coming for the 7dm2 so who knows what they have up their sleeve but at least we know they have something.

      I don’t know why people don’t realize that the sony sensors just have much more data in them than canons do, as the d8xx has shown that much data getting to the sensor, interpreted, broken down, piped, reassembled and written to the card is immense. Just like these new 5s’s.. it’s a lot of data but it’s still less image data than a d810 i’d think. Of course we got to wait and see what the sensor can do but per canon it’s no better than a 5dm3… no thanks

      | |