If you have been looking to upgrade your older Nikon DX DSLR, now may be a great time to upgrade to the top of the line DX D7100 body. The Nikon D7100 is now available for some major savings from B&H.


Nikon D7100 $300 Instant Savings: Brand New $900, Refurb $800

Currently going on over at B&H, you can get your hands on Nikon’s flagship DX camera, the D7100, for $896.95 brand new. This is an incredible deal, and $300 instant savings on a camera that normally sells new for over $1,100.

For those of you looking for an even better deal, and don’t mind that refurb tag, you can get your hands on a refurbished Nikon D7100 for just $799. That is bordering on insane value for a very high quality body.


[REWIND: Nikon D9300 Rumors]

It is rumored that Nikon may be updating their DX flagship (D7200? D9300? D400?) in the beginning of 2015 to respond to the 7D Mark II and Samsung NX1. So this could be them trying to clear out D7100 stocks ahead of the announcement(s). But regardless, that doesn’t make the D7100 less of a camera.

It is an incredible body, and for this price, should be considered by any Nikon DX shooter. Again, you can get the D7100 brand new for just under $900 here, or if you don’t mind going refurb, you can get it for under $800 here.