B&H is listing the Nikon D700 at $2199
,and so is Adorama.com…That’s$500 price drop from the previous tag of $2699.WOW!!!(We will update this post whenever Amazon gets on the bandwagon of course, but for now they’re playing hardball with “only” a $300 price drop);-)

So while Canon is busy announcing the 5D mk3 at (probably) $3500, Nikon is busy offering a very comparable camera for $1300 less.Sure, the D700 doesn’t have dual card slots, or HD video, which might be important to some.Sure, the 5D mk3 is gonna be as good or better with high ISO / low light image quality, and that’s something I do care about quite a bit.But you know what?You’ll have to pry my D700 from my cold, dead hands.I’ll be buying a 2nd D700 this year most likely, instead of a D800.Heck even if Nikon announces a D700s in 12-18 months, the D700 will hold it’s resale value very well…

All in all, I have got to say that 2012 is shaping up to be one of the best years ever for wedding and portrait photographers, even landscape / studio etc. photographers.No matter WHAT your budget, no matter WHAT you shoot, and of course no matter which brand you shoot.It is a big year.:-)

BTW, the final Canon 5D Mk3 specs “leak” are floating around the internet already, and the official press release should happen later this evening.I’ll be posting about as soon as the official announcement is made, along with a thorough comparison to the Nikon D800 and other cameras.

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Nikon D700,Nikon 180mm f/2.8