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Thoughts on the New Nikon D600

April 27th 2012 5:05 PM

There have been a lot of rumours floating around about the potentially new entry-level full frame camera from Nikon. This is just after the Nikon D4 and D800/E have been released.
Many complaints that they can’t afford the D4, and that D800/E is just too many megapixels and the files are too big, the camera is too slow etc… etc…

So I’m not sure this rumour has been cooked up by some angry Nikon Fanboy who wishes there was a lower-end FX Body from Nikon.

Although for me personally, a cheaper FX body, would serve great as a back-up body to my D800, as now I’m using a D7000 as a back-up. I am against the idea of this camera as I don’t want them to develop a camera on the basis they want to fill in a gap in the market just to increase sales.

Nikon have shown us they can have killer ISO performance and an incredibly good fps rate/buffer on the D4. Equally they have shown us they can create a camera which pumps out the best of the best images with 36.3mp and great dynamic range. The Nikon D600 just seems like a camera which they’re putting out to make sales, and not necessarily be the best, game changing equipment to own.

The D600 is rumoured to be an FX sensor, but it could still come out as a DX sensor. I think Nikon should focus on filling market gaps with DX equipment, and push out a replacement for the D300s. What are your thoughts?


Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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  1. Christopher Tanner

    “So I’m not sure this rumour has been cooked up by some angry Nikon Fanboy who wishes there was a lower-end FX Body from Nikon”

    Why can’t it simply be true.  To me. this article reads like the author will become that “Angry fanboy” if the rumor pans out to be true. (which it has, got my d600 today.)  Perhaps to justify spending an additional 1000 bucks for features he may not necessarily use.  (oh well, it be like that sometimes…lol)

    Anyway, I think it’s great that Nikon has come out with an entry level FX format camera, the advanced amateurs, semi-pro, and pro photographers can use.  Not everyone can afford a $3000-$7000 camera body.  I commend Nikon for coming out with the d600.

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  2. Phillydog1958

    Well, Nikon will do what Nikon needs to do. Your thoughts are appreciated, but NIkon is about making money and they’re driven by revenue and not emotion. 

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  3. Matthew Saville

    I think the industry is ripe for more change and an affordable FX camera, however I think the rumor mills have it a little wrong at this point.  Part of the allure of FX is versatility and professional quality, so I don’t think they can afford to limit a “D600” as much as, for example, leaving out the AF-D motor or other advanced features.

    Just look at the D700. Now priced at $2200, it is a simple enough camera that anyone serious enough to want full-frame is probably competent enough to master the semi-pro control layout etc.  …My point being, they’re not going to want to go “back” to the limited functionality of a D7000 “prosumer” type body.

    Yes, the D7000 is a powerful DX camera, but it definitely lacks some functionality that I think Nikon would be foolish to leave out of anything FX.Nikon will most certainly be slapping a D4 sensor into a more affordable camera body sooner or later, it is just a matter of time.  When Nikon designs it’s own sensor from the ground up, (like the D3 sensor) …they need to recover the R&D cost etc. in as many ways as possible…So really, it’s not a question of IF Nikon will make another sub-$3K FX DSLR in the next ~12 months, it is just a matter of which market this camera will be aimed at…Personally, I hope they just slap a D4 sensor in a D800 body.  But unfortunately I don’t think that is the most probable option.=Matt=

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  4. Theodoros Fotometria

    As you said, you would love a cheaper FF body to back D800 up… It’s really obvious isn’t it? I just wish it won’t be one of 24mp but it will use the 16.2 mpx sensor that already exists in the D4… The d7000 is more than “included” in the D800E I now own, I don’t need another DX.

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  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been pondering moving to FX and the the D600 may be just the camera to do that with!  However, I’m worried that they are going to try and cut too many corners to the point were a D7000-class camera would be a better investment despite being DX.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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    • Leo Hoang

      That’s my point really, I’m just worried they’re cutting corners, limiting it’s ability… I said it myself, if they released it, it would serve as a great back-up… just would prefer that Nikon invest time in making their gear being the best it can be, rather than investing their time filling every market gap.

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  6. RUSS

    DX format is not needed any longer. time to replace it and go full frame all the way.enough of the high priced dx bodies already. full frame, for the money we paid for the dx bodies, is the way to go!
    Replace the older pro DX formats with a full frame body!!!! time to move forward not keep going sideways!

    (Edit: And 36 MP isn’t a bad thing at all. BUT people will find things to bitch about, so let them bitch. )

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  7. Sorrellsty

    I get asked at least once a week from someone wanting to know what camera to buy. My words are…..hold off for a couple of months before you go shelling out your money. Something new is going to come along. I do wish Nikon would listen to the folks who use their products to get an idea of where the company should approach what vertical market within photography. Canon seems to be the current leader on new progressive releases. I know this, my D300s has some shortcomings meaning I have already hit a wall using it to the maximum capabilities. Would I love to get a D800 or D4? Of course! Budget says no!

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  8. Noah Fence

    Nikon should do whatever makes them the most money. This is the most beneficial to all photographers in the long run. 

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  9. BrianBB

    The fact people STILL complaint about large files do to high resolutions, is fucking pathetic. Pardon me.

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  10. Jon McGuffin

    If the D800 weren’t an 36MP camera, I’d agree with you.  But I for one would really like to see a lower resolution FF Nikon body.  Yes, 24MP is still a ton, but it’s still quite a bit more economical and reasonable than what the D800 offers.  I also hold out hope the camera will be able to shoot a little faster, maybe 6fps which would equal my D7000 and for the occasional times I shoot action (kids sports, etc) that burst rate should suffice.  

    My concern frankly is are they going to cheapen the camera so badly just to hit a low price point of $1,500.  This may seem backwards but I frankly think that’s too cheap.  Leave the $1500 – $1600 price tag for the Pro DX D300s replacement (D400).  This should be a $2K body that brings a little more to the table than a completely stripped down FX sensor.  Now that the D700’s are back in stock, I just might have to go buy one of those. :)

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    • Matthew Saville

      Exactly, Jon, which is why I believe that a “D800 with a D4 sensor” would sell much better than this D600.

      I guess the only thing is, Nikon already has a consumer DX body at 24 megapixels; they’d sell fewer 16 megapixel “beginner FX” bodies simply because of the numbers game.  So, like the D300 and D700 sensors “matched”, …I’m betting that anything “consumer FX” will indeed be 24 megapixels.

      I just hope, like you do, that they don’t cripple the camera too much.  I simply have very little interest, as a professional, in a “FX D7000”  However I know that Nikon may decide such a camera is great for consumers.  So I just hope they eventually do BOTH; the 24 MP consumer FX, and the 16 MP prosumer FX…


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  11. Ryan

    I disagree as well, I am currently in need of a new body and I want to make the upgrade to FX without having to shot at 36MP, the D600 would be perfect if it was available now). Well almost the rumor of no auto focus motor pretty much ruins it for me, but its damn close to what I want. Sadly my need for a new body is pretty pressing and waiting 2-3 months for Nikon to Announce the D600, then another 2 months for them to launch it followed by the sitting on a waiting list for 6 months just is too long…

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    • Matthew Saville

      Ryan, it sounds like you’re in the market for a D700, apart from the lack of video and dual card slots.  But yeah, you just cannot beat the D700 for it’s simplicy yet advanced controls and versatility with AF-D and even AIS manual focus etc. lenses.  I love my D700 and will be keeping it around for a long time, even as a casual shooting camera if I ever upgrade to a “D800h” type 16 MP (dream) body…

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  12. Jagmeet

    I disagree, plenty of dx cameras out there. I would like a lower spec full frame, such as d800 but less mp. Would be perfect for non studio photographers. I think d800 is well over priced.

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    • Ryan

      I think most photo gear is over priced but the D800’s price point seems very agressive, definitely not overpriced in the current market. Had I seen the specs and what it could do before knowing it was going to be the D800 I would have guested that it would end up being called something like the D4s and priced in the $6000 range.

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