One of the main things that people talk about when a new camera comes out is, “This new camera costs as much as a used camera that is better”.  For example, when the Canon 6D first hit the market at $2100, the market also gobbled up used 5D mk2’s for well under $2,000!

Well, the Nikon D800 and D600 have finally been around long enough to start hitting the refurbished and used market!  At B&H the D600 is available for $1599 now, and the D800 is available for $2399.


Click HERE to purchase the D600 used (refurbished) from B&H



Click HERE to purchase the D800 used (refurbished) from B&H



A side note:  B&H is selling these bodies through their used department, not as new cameras.  So the warranty is a 90 day warranty, not a manufacturer’s official warranty.  However you can always purchase an aftermarket warranty, which I honestly prefer because those can apply to “drops and spills” which is 90% of the damage I ever incur with my own equipment!


Also, keep in mind that Nikon is putting on a lens rebate sale, so now is still a good time to pick up any Nikon glass that is on sale!  Click HERE to view all the current Nikon lens rebates.