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Should Nikon D600 Owners Sue Nikon?

By Matthew Saville on February 18th 2014

By now you may have heard from Nikon Rumors that a law firm is collecting information for a possible class action lawsuit against Nikon over their D600.  It sounds crazy, considering that all camera manufacturers have some pretty seriously defective cameras in their past, but it’s true.  What makes this situation so different?  For example, the Canon 5D (mk1 / “classic”) had a mirror that would literally fall out of the camera randomly! The D600 lawsuit, however, is different because (allegedly) Nikon attempted to deny or cover up the severity of the issue.  This seems to be the focus of the lawsuit.


Click HERE to visit the law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein and read more about their current “investigation”…

[Rewind: Third Time’s a charm?!  After two recent lawsuits where photographers are on the losing side, could this one be a win?]

So How Defective Is The Nikon D600?

When the issue was first acknowledged by Nikon, I thought to myself: is the D600 really that defective?  They sure made it sound like your dirty D600 would be perfectly fine after a few thousand clicks.  As if the oil spatter would sort of run its course and then die down eventually, I guess?

Well, I went on thinking that for quite a while, in fact over the course of the past year or so I have largely advised photographers to just buy a D600 and learn to clean their sensors, and/or send the camera in for a free cleaning after they clicked 3-5 thousand images.

However, in the past few months, I began to notice a few things.  A short while after the “new” Nikon D610 came out, there were reports that a few especially troublesome D600’s were being completely replaced with D610’s.

Then, a few weeks ago I got some icing on this whole cake, at least in my opinion.  I was in Los Angeles at their official West-Coast service center to pick up some equipment, when another gentleman came in with a D600.  He was definitely unhappy, because apparently he had been bringing in the D600 every few months for cleaning/service, yet the sensor dust seemed to persist.  He confirmed that his camera had indeed clicked many thousands of photos already, and had been cleaned/serviced four or five times, but to no avail.

This definitely leads me to believe that, unfortunately, Nikon does indeed have a serious defect on their hands. Not only that, but it could be argued that they attempted to sweep the issue under the rug quietly.

Nikon Corporation VS D600 Owners

I don’t know much about legal battles against large corporations, but it seems to me that if a few D600 owners come forward and confirm that they did indeed quietly receive a D610 as replacement (appeasement?) for a D600 that seemed to be un-fixable, then this lawsuit really will have solid ground to stand on.  I highly doubt that any monetary damages will be awarded, but Nikon might find themselves sending out a whole lot of D610’s in the near future!

[REWIND: Nikon Has Change Of Heart, Secretly Starts To Replace D600′s with D610′s]


What do you think?  Based on my knowledge of the situation, like I said, it looks like they have a case and they might at least be able to scare Nikon into trading more D600’s for D610’s, but no more than that.  However, I’d love to hear the opinion of anyone who has more experience in these situations, or anybody’s experiences as a D600 owner as well of course!

If you haven’t already, you can read our full review of the D600 here.

Take care and happy clicking,



As I was hoping, a Facebook user commented that their D600 did indeed seem to “clear up” and stop getting oily / dusty after about 8,000 clicks.  So, maybe D600 owners should rattle off a few good long timelapses and then get their sensor cleaned and/or get their camera serviced?  Actually you never know, I’m sure that some cameras are just more oily than others…


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  1. catherine

    I have issues with dust spots. I recently sent my camera away to be cleaned however within a couple of months I noticed that there were a lot of dust spots in my images. This is extremely frustrating as I am a Professional Photographer and time is money. I now have to closely review every image before sending them out to my clients and ensure all dust spots have been removed.

    | |
  2. Evan

    I’m a Nikon owner and love the system, but too bloody right owners of the D600 should sue, the people need to let corporations like this understand they can’t sell faulty products and then turn a blind eye, it’s disgusting! What really should have happened is a damn recall! This is certainly one situation where the term ‘they don’t build em like they used to’ comes into full effect!

    | |
  3. Nick Delhanidis

    What about the D7100? That one is being plagued by the same exact issue … (would that be … DX treatment? lol)

    | |
  4. Peter

    after 5 years and many thousands of dollars spent on Nikon gear I made the decision to dump Nikon.
    The No.1 reason?
    The way they treated all their loyal customers who owned D600 cameras with dust/oil issues.
    To not to admit a design fault and refuse to do a recall was the stupidest business decision they ever made. The damage to their reputation will go on for years and rightly so. I hope they taken to the cleaners by the class action law suit.

    | |
  5. Frank

    Don’t you think it is ridiculous that you have to waist lots of shots before a camera finally is working how it should without all the dirt, I think it is stupid to accept that you HAVE TO MAKE 8000 CLICKS to get a so expensive camera to work right, when you buy something it should work okay from the start!!!!
    and not when you have to bring some wear and tear on it.

    | |
  6. Eddie Ramirez

    Do we know if this will affect internationally? I’m in Australia and bought my D600 in August and I too have specks in the top left. I was quite disappointed when the D610 was released 4 weeks later.

    | |
  7. Wilfred

    I owned D60, a minor oil spot after years of use, but bearable…
    i owned D90, not a single dust/oil acquired to the extent of requiring cleaning.
    now i own D600, dust issue is minor here compared to others, but symptom is similar, dust appear even if not swapping lens, and is on the left side always, after good number of shots…
    I am okay to clean the sensor, but i prefer if it is my fault the one to get the dust, not from Nikon…
    so if the attorney can collect enough evidence to prove the flaws from Nikon, I am okay to support the lawsuit.

    | |
  8. Olivia

    My d600 shutter completely went after only about 6 months. I never had real issues with dust, but I am not too happy with my d600 having an issue so early, and with the customer service I received. It’s been 9 months with no issues now, but wow, this article makes you think…

    | |
  9. Supdave

    I own a Canon 5d Mark2 that was very bad for dust !! it’s part of Game !!! so learn to clean your sensor ! Dave

    | |