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Nikon D4 Used by Usain Bolt in London Olympics Up for Charity Auction

By fotosiamo on October 2nd 2012

Usain Bolt Nikon D4 Charity Auction

Do you remember when Usain Bolt won his 200m gold and grabbed Scandinavian newspaper photographer Jimmy Wixtröm’s Nikon D4 and started shooting with it? Well, now that famous D4 is now up for a charity auction. The majority of the proceeds from the auction will go to to Swedish Cancer Society in order to fund cancer research. The rest will go to Bolt’s foundation in Jamaica that promotes education among young children.

Words from Jimmy himself:

Cancer research is incredibly important, and I see this camera as a chance to contribute. My girlfriend’s father passed away far too early due to cancer and my brother Peter is thankfully now completely recovered after suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment for more than a year – thanks to the great progress that has been done in cancer research.

If you want to see where the bidding is at or are interested in bidding yourself, you can visit the eBay auction.

Usain Bolt Nikon D4 Charity Auction

Usain even etched “Bolt #1” on the camera. This is definitely a collectible and will fetch more than the $5,999 price for a brand new Nikon D4.

Usain Bolt Nikon D4 Charity Auction 2

Thanks to PetaPixel for the heads up!

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    so cool

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  2. Rafael Steffen

    This is great. Any news to see if it was actually sold and for how much?

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