Nikon’s Coolpix A is an interesting experiment of a camera from Nikon. The body of a point and shoot, with a sensor (APS-C) and lens (18mm F/2.8) from a DSLR. It’s a bit of Frankenstein, but it could be your last best hope for an amazing Christmas gift for those of you who forgot Christmas is this week.


B&H is currently offering an amazing $700 off the Nikon Coolpix A, bringing the price down to just $399, and on top of that, you get free overnight shipping. If that is not a killer last minute gift, I do not know what is!

If you are interested, I suggest getting it today, even overnight shipping can have hiccups this time of year and no one wants their Christmas gifts late. You can get the full details and can order your Nikon Coolpix A from B&H Here.